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This page contains a variety of climbing routes that the Mazamas are known to climb. This information is intended for your personal use, and it is your responsibility to confirm the accuracy of the information. If you find any errors on any of the climbing routes, please email us so we can update the listing. 

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We have maps & GPS tracks for some of the routes listed below. This folder contains all of the maps and GPS files in one location. If you have maps or GPS tracks of any of the routes listed below and would like to contribute to this data repository, please send them our way. A big thank you to John Godino for doing the legwork of creating the majority of these files!

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Oregon Climb Routes

Washington Climb Routes

WA Cascades: South & Columbia Gorge

Beacon Rock Southeast Corner

Argonaut Peak, West Ridge or South Route

Bighorn Peak, South Face

Cashmere Mountain, West Ridge or North Gully

Cathedral Rock, Southwest Gully

Chair Peak, East Face

Colchuck Peak, Colchuck Glacier

Colchuck Peak, Colchuk Glacier

Colchuck Peak, North Buttress Couloir

Dragontail Peak, East Ridge

Dragontail Peak, Serpentine Arete

Dragontail Peak, South Route

Dragontail Peak, Triple Couloirs

Dragontail Peak, West Ridge

Enchantment Peak, East Ridge

Gilbert Peak (Curtis-Gilbert), Cispus Basin

Gilbert Peak (Curtis-Gilbert), Conrad-Meade Glacier

Gilbert Peak (Curtis-Gilbert), Klickton Divide

Goat Island Mountain, Frying Pan Creek

Granite Mountain, Robin Lakes

Guye Peak, North Route

Hibox Mountain, SW Route

Ives Peak, Snowgrass Flats

Kaleetan Peak, South Side

Lemah Mountain, Lemah Glacier

Lemei Rock, Standard

Little Mt. Adams, NW Ridge

Little Tahoma, Frying Pan Glacier

Mt. Adams, Adams Glacier

Mt. Adams, Avalanche-White Salmon Glacier

Mt. Adams, Lava Glacier Headwall

Mt. Adams, Lyman Glacier

Mt. Adams, Mazama Glacier

Mt. Adams, North Ridge

Mt. Adams, Pinnacle Glacier

Mt. Adams, South Side

Mt. Adams, White Salmon Glacier

Mt. Daniel, Daniel Glacier

Mt. Daniel, SE Ridge

Mt. St. Helens, Butte Camp

Mt. St. Helens, Monitor Ridge

Mt. St. Helens, Monitor Ridge (No Permit)

Mt. St. Helens, Moonbase?Shoestring Glacier

Mt. St. Helens, Swift Creek-Worm Flows

Mt. St. Helens, Swift Creek-Worm Flows (No Permit)

Mt. Stuart, Cascadian Couloir

Mt. Stuart, North Ridge

Mt. Stuart, Ulrich's Couloir

Mt. Stuart, West Ridge

Mt. Temple, North Face

Mt. Temple, SW Ridge

Mt. Thomson, West Ridge

Old Snowy, Snowgrass Flats

Red Mountain (Cle Elum), East Side

Red Mountain, SW Slope

Red Mountain, West Face

Sawtooth Mountain, East Ridge

Sherpa Peak, South Side

Snoqualmie Mountain, South Ridge

Summit Chief Mountain, SE Ridge

The Tooth, South Face

WA Cascades: Central

Bonanza Peak, Mary Green Glacier

Cadet Peak, West Rib

Chimney Rock, East Face Direct

Chinook Peak, Chinook Pass

Chiwawa Mountain, Chiwawa River

Clark Mountain, Walrus Glacier

Columbia Peak, West Ridge

Del Campo Peak, South Gully

Del Campo Peak, Southwest Buttress

Dumbell Mountain, SW Route

East Wilmans Spire, SE Face

Glacier Peak, Cool Glacier

Glacier Peak, Frostbite Ridge

Glacier Peak, SE Ridge

Glacier Peak, Sitkum Glacier

Gothic Peak, East Side

Greenwood Mountain, SW Route

Gunn Peak, Standard

Gunsight Peak, SW Face

Ingall's Peak (South Peak), South Ridge

Ingalls Peak, East Ridge of North Peak

Ingalls Peak, South Face

Kyes Peak, South Ridge

Little Annapurna, North Slope

Luahna Peak, Richardson Glacier

Monte Cristo Peak, North Col

Monte Cristo Peak, South Approach

Mt. Berge, Buck Creek Trail

Mt. Buck, Buck Creek Trail

Mt. Buckindy, North Side

Mt. Fernow, East Ridge

Mt. Fernow, Southwest Route

Mt. Forgotten, East Rib-Gully

Mt. Forgotten, Standard/ North col route/NE Slope

Mt. Fricaba, Ridge Traverse

Mt. Howard, Nason Ridge Traverse

Mt. Index, East Ridge

Mt. Maude, North Face

Mt. Maude, South Shoulder

Mt. Pilchuck, Bathtub Lakes

Mt. Pugh, NW Ridge

Old Snowy & Ives Peak, Snowgrass Flats

Petunia Peak, Ridge Traverse

Prusik Peak, West Ridge

Ptarmigan Traverse, North to South

Sahale Mountain, Quien Sabe Glacier

Sahale Mountain, Sahale Arm?Cascade Pass

Sheep Gap Mountain, North Peak

Sinister Peak, North Face

Sloan Peak, Corkscrew Route

Snowfield Peak, Neve Glacier

Sperry Peak, East Ridge

Sperry Peak, NW Ridge

Three Fingers Mountain, North Peak

Three Fingers Mountain, South Peak

Vesper Peak, East Ridge

Vesper Peak, North Face

White Chuck Mountain, NW Ridge

Whitehorse Mountain, Lone Tree Pass

Wilmans Spire (North and West), West Shoulder

WA Cascades: North

Austera Peak, Inspiration-McAllister-Klawatti Ice Cap

Bacon Peak, Southwest Route

Big Snagtooth

Black Peak, NE Ridge Route

Black Peak, South Route

Church Mountain, Church Mountain Trail

Cosho Peak, Ragged Ridge Traverse

Cutthroat Peak, South Buttress

Cutthroat Peak, West Ridge

Dome Peak, Dome Glacier

Eldorado Peak, Eldorado Glacier/East Ridge

Eldorado Peak, NE Face

Eldorado Peak, Sibley Creek Pass/Eldorado Glacier

Forbidden Peak, East Ridge Direct

Forbidden Peak, West Ridge

Golden Horn, Snowy Lakes

Graybeard Peak, Southwest Route

Hadley Peak, Skyline Divide

Hidden Lake Peak, North Ridge

Icy Peak, North Route

Inspiration Peak, South Face

Jack Mountain, North Ridge

Jack Mountain, SW Slope

Katsuk Peak, Ragged Ridge Traverse

Kimtah Peak, Ragged Ridge Traverse

Le Petit Cheval, Spontaneity Arete

Lexington Tower, North Face

Liberty Bell, Beckey Route

Luna Peak, Luna Col

Mesahchie Peak, SE Face

Mix-up Peak, East Face

Mt. Arriva, SW Ridge

Mt. Baker, Boulder-Park Cleaver

Mt. Baker, Coleman Glacier Headwall

Mt. Baker, Coleman-Deming Glacier

Mt. Baker, Easton Glacier

Mt. Baker, North Ridge

Mt. Baker, Park Glacier

Mt. Blum, South Ridge

Mt. Buckner, North Face

Mt. Buckner, SW Route

Mt. Challenger, Challenger Glacier

Mt. Goode, NE Buttress

Mt. Larrabee, SW Route

Mt. Logan, Fremont Glacier

Mt. Logan, NW Buttress

Mt. Shuksan, Fisher Chimneys

Mt. Shuksan, North Face

Mt. Shuksan, Price Glacier

Mt. Shuksan, Sulphide Glacier

Mt. Shuksan, White Salmon Glacier

Mt. Terror, North Face

Mt. Triumph, NE Ridge

North Early Winter Spire, NW Corner?Boving Route

North Early Winter Spire, South Face

North Gardner Mountain, Wolf Creek

North Twin Sister, West Ridge

North Twin, West Ridge

Ruth Mountain, Ruth Glacier

Seven Fingered Jack, Southwest Slope

Sharkfin Tower, Southeast Ridge

Silver Star Mountain, Silver Star Glacier

Snowking Mountain, Kindy Ridge

South Early Winter Spire, South Arete

Stiletto Peak, Traverse

Tomyhoi Peak, SE Ridge

Tower Mountain, Snowy Lakes

West McMillan Spire, Terror Glacier

Yellow Aster Butte, Yellow Aster Meadows

Mt. Rainier Vicinity

Banshee Peak, Panhandle Gap

Barrier Peak, Governor's Ridge

Boundary Peak, Standard Route

Brown Peak, Palisade Lake Trail

Castle, Pinnacle & Plummer Peaks, Standard Route

Castle/Pinnacle, Standard/East Ridge

Chutla Peak, Eagle Peak Trailhead

Copper and Iron, Tahoma Creek

Cowlitz Chimney, West Side

Denman Peak, Standard Route

Double Peak, Chinook Creek

Eagle Peak, Eagle Peak Trail

Eagle-Chutla Peaks, Longmire Trail

Echo Rock, Mowich Lake

Fay Peak, Knapsack Pass

Fifes Peak (West), Crow Lake Trail

First Mother, Knapsack Pass

Governor's Ridge, Owyhigh Lakes

Irish Cabin Peaks, Spray Park Tour

Irish Cabin Peaks, Spray Park Tour (Five Peaks)

Lane Peak, SE Gulley

Lane Peak, The Zipper

Marcus Peak, Palisade Lake Trail

Mt. Aix, Nelson Ridge

Mt. Ararat, Kautz Creek

Mt. Fremont, Frozen Lake

Mt. Fremont, Standard

Mt. Pleasant, Knapsack Pass

Mt. Pleasant, Spray Park

Mt. Rainier, Disappointment Cleaver

Mt. Rainier, Emmons Glacier

Mt. Rainier, Fuhrer Finger

Mt. Rainier, Gibralter Ledge

Mt. Rainier, Ingraham Direct

Mt. Rainier, Kautz Glacier

Mt. Rainier, Liberty Ridge

Mt. Rainier, Ptarmigan Ridge

Mt. Rainier, Success Cleaver

Mt. Rainier, Sunset Ridge

Mt. Rainier, Tahoma Glacier

Mt. Satulick, Kautz Creek

Mt. Wow, Lake Allen

Mt. Wow, SW Ridge

Observation Rock, Spray Park

Observation Rock, Standard Ice Route

Pinnacle Peak, East Ridge

Pinnacle Peak, East Ridge

Pinnacle Peak, Reflection Lakes/Standard Route

Pinnacle-Eagle (6 peak) Tatoosh Traverse

Plummer Peak, Standard Route

Plummer-Denman, Standard

Pyramid Peak, Standard

Redstone Peak, Standard Route

Second Mother Mountain, Mowich Lake

St. Andrews Rock, Puyallup Cleaver

Stevens Peak, West Ridge

Tamanos Mountain, Owyhigh Trail

Tatoosh Range, Extended Tatoosh Traverse

Tatoosh Traverse, Pinnacle-Eagle

The Castle, Standard Route

The Palisades, Palisade Lake Trail

Third Mother Mountain, Wonderland Trail

Tokaloo Rock, St. Andrew's Lake

Tolmie Peak, Mowich Lake

Unicorn Peak, Snow Lake

Wahpenayo Peak, Eagle Peak Trail

Yakima Peak, East Ridge

Yakima Peak, West Chute

Mt. Whittier, Norway Pass Traverse

Boundary Peak, Trail Canyon

Disappointment Peak, Irene's Arete

Gannett Peak, Gooseneck Ridge

Grand Teton, Exum Ridge

Granite Peak, Standard Route

Mauna Loa, Ainapo Northeast Rift Traverse

Mauna Loa, Observation Trail

Diamond Peak, North Ridge

Diamond Peak, South Ridge

Mt. Bailey, SE Ridge

Mt. Bailey, Standard

Mt. McLoughlin, East Ridge

Mt. Thielsen, West Ridge/Standard Route

Union Peak, Standard Route

Bonanza Peak, Mary Green Glacier

Cadet Peak, West Rib

Chimney Rock, East Face Direct

Chinook Peak, Chinook Pass

Chiwawa Mountain, Chiwawa River

Clark Mountain, Walrus Glacier

California Climb Routes

North America (outside OR, WA, CA)

Europe Climb Routes