from Summitpost: There are numerous established routes to the summits of Mount Pershing which emanate primarily from the Hamma Hamma River road or from FR2401 in the Jefferson Creek drainage. Most of these are class 3 scrambles but some class 4 sections may be encountered. As a general rule, the routes leaving from FR2401 converge on the south ridge just below the summit. From this spot, the final section above consists of a short knife-edge rock that is really very exposed; one can see a long way down on either side. If one does not find this unnerving then it is no big deal and easily traversed. The routes ascending from the Hamma Hamma side provide access to the middle and north peaks as well as additional routes the the true summit. The climb can be completed in a single day but start early. From either the Hamma Hamma or the Jefferson Creek side, difficult terrain consisting of thick brush is very common. In the winter and spring, beware of potential avalanche conditions on the steep snow slopes.

Other Information
Driving Distance from Portland 175 miles
Driving Time from Portland 3 hours
Expected Duration Car to car in one day
Relevant Books Climbers' Guide to the Olympic Mountains by Olympic Mt. Rescue
Relevant Maps Google map