Our dedicated and talented volunteers are critical to the operation of the Mazamas. By a recent estimation, volunteers contributed over 100,000 hours in 2017! Here are some ways you can get started:

Join a Committee
Help out at the Mazama lodge
Volunteer in the office
Help maintain the Mazama Mountaineering Center and landscaping
Become a leader for climbs, hikes, Nordic skiing, & AYM
Sign up for a Stewardship Activity
Help in the Mazama Library
Be on a special task force
for a Youth Outreach Climb

If you want to volunteer with the Mazamas, you will need to complete our Volunteer Agreement.

Interested in Volunteering?

Once you have setup an account on our site, go to your profile page, and click the Edit button. Complete the Volunteer Information that is part of your bio, including: Available for Onsite Volunteering, Volunteer Availability Frequency, Volunteer Availability, Volunteer Skills, Volunteer Interests, and Volunteer Motivation. 

In order to volunteer with the Mazamas, you must complete the Volunteer Agreement by scrolling to the bottom of this page.

Current Opportunities

Join the Basic Climbing Education Program Committee!

Coordinator: the BCEP Coordinator is responsible for oversight and management of the BCEP committee. The BCEP Coordinator will oversee and be the main point of contact for the committee regarding all matters, unless those matters have been expressly delegated to another member of the committee (which they should be). This includes curriculum, strategy, budget, scheduling and space, recruitment of volunteers, committee meeting facilitation, communications, student communications, documentation of decisions and reporting to Education Committee and Executive Council.

Qualifications: must be a Climb Leader and have led or co-led a BCEP group

Assistant Coordinator: the Assistant Coordinator supports the coordinator and is learning the job in preparation to take over for the next year’s class. As part of this preparation, the assistant coordinator will also run the summer BCEP program the summer preceding their term as coordinator.

Qualifications: must be a Climb Leader or in LD and have led or co-led a BCEP group

Treasurer: the BCEP Treasurer manages the committee budget. This includes working with the Mazama Office and with Education Committee to prepare an annual budget, prepare quarterly reforecasts, track committee expenditures, approve reimbursement requests, etc.

Qualifications: experience working with budgets, interest in learning about the Mazama budgeting process and in being the point of contact for money-related questions 

Secretary: BCEP Secretary manages committee information - they are responsible for knowing what is going on. They support internal committee document and information sharing by managing the committee Google Drive. They manage external communications by overseeing marketing and outreach - including updating the committee webpage, preparing announcements for the Mazama Bulletin and social media, etc.

Registrar and Records: the BCEP Committee Registrar works with the Mazama Office to set up registration, monitor applications and payments, coordinate the student sort and manage student withdrawals. This position also tracks student completion of BCEP and shares records with the Mazama Office.

Qualifications: must be tech-savvy - comfortable with Excel spreadsheets and functions, also with Google Drive and Microsoft Access

Student Services (Communications): the Student Services Coordinator is a communicator. This person is in charge of regularly checking the bcep@mazamas.org email address and addressing questions and queries. When those emails are not related to student participants, they should be forwarded to the appropriate person.

Qualifications: must be very available by email. Especially during the busy BCEP season, the bcep email address receives a high volume of emails and a quick turnaround on email is essential.

Email bcep@mazamas.org for more information!

Education Committee Secretary

The Education Committee is looking for someone who is interested in assisting the Education Committee's administration. This includes taking detailed notes during the Education Committee's monthly meetings, ensuring that all meetings have an event and a Zoom meeting scheduled and that an agenda is sent to all Education Committee members at least three days prior to the upcoming meeting.

The Education Committee is composed of representatives of all the Mazama Committees that offer classes. If you are interested in getting involved in the educational work of the Mazamas, this is a great opportunity to get a bird's eye view of these activities.

Please send inquiries to education@mazamas.org.

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