Affinity spaces create safe spaces, while we continue to do the work across the broader organization. Creating a safer and more inclusive organization where everyone feels that they are a part of a community and can show up as their authentic selves requires the work of everyone that is part of the community.

Keep checking this space for more affinity groups to be listed and details to change. We will also add announcements to the Mazama eNews.

Melanated Mazamas

Melanated Mazamas is a space for Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPoC) climbers and hikers to meet and support each other as well as to foster a greater sense of community within the Mazamas. Please email for more information, to get on our mailing list, and access our google calendar. We meet on the 2nd Wednesday of each month at 7 p.m. at Movement Climbing Gym. Check out the Mazama calendar for our hikes and climbs.


We are an affinity group for the queer and/or trans community within the Mazamas. We welcome all who identify as LGBTQ2SIA+ as well as those who are curious or questioning their sexual orientation and/or gender identities. Our intention is to provide safe and welcoming space within the Mazamas for queers who love the outdoors, whether that be for adventures or socializing. We are creating a space for all queer, trans*, non-binary, and questioning/curious Mazamas to freely express themselves in a supportive environment. If you have questions or would like to get involved, contact us at

Mental Health, Disability, and Neurodiversity

We are at the beginning stages of creating affinity spaces for mental health, disability, and neurodiversity. This group is a starting point, as a place where we can all support each other to imagine and create the spaces we need and to be in solidarity to build community. Perhaps we'll support multiple affinity groups as needed but for now we are operating as one. We invite you to reach out to with questions or to become involved. You can find a clarification about terms and group intentions as well as a survey link on the Mental Health, Disability, and Neurodiversity webpage.

Adventurous International Mazamas

Adventurous International Mazamas (AIM) is a new affinity group that is open to people who were born, lived, or spent time in other countries. Ideally there is interest in sharing stories of time or travel abroad and interest in making international outings/trips. We will have a monthly meetup at Movement Climbing Gym and plan hikes. Contact Rahul Jain at if you’re interested in getting involved and helping to build out this affinity space.

Affinity Group Support

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What is Affinity Group Support?

Affinity Group Support is community-led and organized to create and develop a supportive ecosystem for affinity groups and spaces within the organization

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How to contact Affinity Group Support?

If you’re interested in helping with the overall support of these spaces, have questions, or want to be connected to any groups that aren’t listed or to start a new one, please reach out to Affinity Group Support.