Climbing Program

The Mazamas roots are in mountaineering. Founded on the summit of Mt. Hood in 1894, we have been reaching summits for well over a century. We offer a variety of mountaineering opportunities through the year with the bulk of our climbs being offered from April–October.

You'll find climbs of Mt. Hood, Mt. St. Helens, Mt. Adams, the Sisters, and so much more! On the right hand side of this page you will see upcoming climbs on the calendar. You can view the entire lineup of upcoming climbs by clicking the calendar link at the top of the page and applying the Climb filter.

The foundation of our climbing program is to be a service to our climbers and the community, provide climbing education, experience, and fun.

Climbing Schedule

Mazama climbs are scheduled throughout the year but the vast majority occur during the spring and summer months. Many climbs are added to the calendar during February and March as climb leaders plan their schedules. However, climbs will continue to be added throughout the main climbing season so it's important to periodically check the calendar for new climbing opportunities. 

There is an RSS feed you can subscribe to as well as the ability to download the current climb schedule. Select the Subscribe pull-down option in the upper right corner of the calendar page.

Climb Pricing

With the exception of Mt. Hood, Mazama climbs are free to all members. You must have a current Mazama membership badge to apply for climbs. Join the Mazamas and enjoy all the opportunities and benefits our organization provides.

The fee to climb Mt. Hood is $78. This includes the cost of your required permit, which is provided by the Mazamas as part of the activity.

The Mazamas offers financial aid for our activities to allow people to participate who would not be able to do so without financial assistance. We are revamping the application process in light of the changes to climb pricing but financial aid is still available where applicable. If you have questions about financial aid, please send an email to

Applying for Climbs

Mazama climb leaders put considerable time and energy into planning and leading climbs. They are passionate about helping people enjoy the mountains. We ask that you be considerate of this effort when applying for climbs. Please do not apply for more than one climb on the same day(s). We realize that life happens and conflicts arise. If you need to cancel out of a climb, please let the leader know ASAP so that your spot may be made available to someone else. Last minute cancellations and no-shows deprive others of the opportunity to climb with the Mazamas. 

Please refer to the Climb FAQ for answers to common questions about climbs and the application process.

If you have any additional questions and/or concerns about the climbing program, please feel free to reach out to the Climbing Committee (

Climb on!


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Climber on Mt. Rainier. Photo: Vaqas Malik
Photo: Vaqas Malik