As Mazamas, we believe in protecting natural areas so that future mountaineers, hikers, backpackers, and rock climbers can enjoy the same experiences that we cherish. In 2014, the Mazamas made a commitment to be a leader in conservation, outdoor recreation access, and stewardship. 

Why is trail & crag stewardship important? 

We know that our impact on the natural environment is real, and we have worked for more than a century to mitigate our recreation footprint.  We organize volunteers to work with land managers to perform trail tending and climbing area stewardship.  This boots-on-the-ground work is necessary to keep use areas in good condition. It also connects people to places where they love to play, and, in doing so, volunteers develop life-long outdoor ethics that lead to respecting and protecting the mountain environment.  

What are we doing this upcoming year? 

Our Stewardship program is a core part of achieving the Mazama mission.  We will continue to utilize staff support to organize trail tending and climber-steward opportunities.  This way, volunteers can always look to Mazamas for ways to get involved in giving back to the places they love.  We plan to expand our stewardship of trails in the Columbia River Gorge, in the Coast Range, and on Mt. Hood as well as throughout Oregon in places like Smith Rock State Park.