Inspiring everyone to love and protect the mountains.

Established in 1894 on the summit of Mt. Hood (Wy’East), the Mazamas is an Oregon-based 501(c)3 with a proud tradition of providing excellence in climbing education, leadership, and conservation in the Pacific Northwest. Our mission – to inspire everyone to love and protect the mountains – is carried out in partnership with more than 300 highly dedicated volunteers through education programs, climbs and hikes (about 1,000 annually), stewardship activities, and scientific research. With a membership of about 3,000 individuals, the Mazamas maintains two facilities, including the carbon-neutral Mazama Mountaineering Center in Southeast Portland and the Mazama Lodge in Government Camp.



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Mazama Mountaineering Center

Our carbon-neutral Mazama Mountaineering Center (MMC) is located at SE 43rd and Stark in Portland, Oregon. The facilities include 4 meeting rooms, a 175-seat auditorium, a library, administrative offices, a kitchen, and our collection of historical archives. Office and library hours are Tuesday –Thursday, from 10:30 a.m.–4 p.m.


The Mazamas is an active community with a vast array of stories to tell. From first ascents to pushing limits to stories of advocacy and scientific research, our publications contain something for everyone.

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Mountaineering & Climbing

Mountaineering is at the core of what we do at the Mazamas. Climbs are open to members who meet the qualifications set by climb leaders on an application basis. We offer climbs on everything from Mount St. Helens and South Sister to Mt. Hood and Forbidden Peak.

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Hiking is extremely popular with both members and nonmembers, with more than 700 hikes organized each year. Our hiking program includes moderate hikes, strenuous conditioning hikes, trail tending (work trips), backpacks, snow bivouacs, snowshoe trips, street rambles, and short, family-oriented walks. Most of the hikes are within easy driving distance of Portland, with several offered each weekend, as well as weekday and evening hikes. 

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Classes & Education

Mazamas offers a variety of courses in mountaineering-related fields for students of all levels. You do not need to be a member to enroll in a class, though members receive a significant tuition discount. We offer classes in basic and intermediate mountaineering, advanced rock climbing, advanced snow and ice climbing, ski mountaineering, first aid, Nordic skiing, and much more. 

Trail Tending

The Mazamas actively promotes the establishment and maintenance of hiking trails through its trail tending work. Trails such as Trapper Creek, Chetwoot Loop, and Mazama Trail were created by, and are regularly maintained by, the Mazamas. Mazama Trail Tenders have been instrumental in re-opening many trails in the Columbia River Gorge that have been devastated by storms and wildfires.

Outings (Travel)

The Mazamas regularly lead travel adventures, both foreign and domestic, that allow our members to experience other cultures, ecosystems, mountain ranges, and the natural world in a safe and affordable manner. Called "Outings," these travel opportunities are defined as trips that last for five days or more, and may include hikes, walking tours, camping, kayaking, cycling, climbs, etc.


In addition to the many recreational and instructional activities of the Mazamas, conservation is central to the Mazama mission. Since its inception, the Mazamas has played a significant role in preserving wilderness areas for posterity. The Mazamas and Mazama founders have played a role in establishing Crater Lake and Mt. Rainier as national parks, in the preservation of the Oregon Caves as a national monument, and in setting aside the original 4,000 acres in the city of Portland as Forest Park.

The Mazamas endeavour to maintain a close relationship with officials in all land management public agencies to insure that the viewpoint of those who access and enjoy outdoor areas is clearly understood by authorities. 

Organizational Structure

The Mazamas is a non-profit 501 (c)3 organization operated by a volunteer Board of Directors, professional staff, and hundreds of additional dedicated volunteers who carry out a variety of functions from climb and hike leaders to class coordinators to committee members.