The Mazamas regularly lead travel adventures, both foreign and domestic, that allow our members to experience other cultures, ecosystems, mountain ranges, and the natural world in a safe and affordable manner. Our travel program is commonly referred to as "Outings" and all travel opportunities are available to members and nonmembers. Outings are defined as trips that last for five days or more, and may include hikes, walking tours, camping, kayaking, cycling, climbs, etc. 

2022 Outings

Death Valley–Hiking and Exploration

Dates: April 3–10, 2022
Leader: Bob Breivogel

Take an early spring getaway to warm, dry, and scenic Death Valley National Park in southern California. We will have a variety of hikes, from easy walks to moderately strenuous day trips up various canyons, washes, and peaks. There will be cultural and historical activities including Scottie’s Castle, Furnace Creek Inn, abandoned mines, and ghost towns. Wildlife viewing of animals such as desert pupfish, bighorn sheep, reptiles, birds, and insects will be possible. April is around the wildflower bloom, which is very impressive in some years.

Those interested in photography should bring their camera gear. We have the opportunity to view sunrises, sunsets, and wildflowers in different areas of the park, such as Zabriskie Point, Badwater, and the sand dunes. Death Valley is also a Dark Sky Park, and we will have some nearly moonless nights for great views of the heavens.

The trip will be low-key and non-regimented. Participants may go off on their own or be part of organized activities, as they desire. Be prepared for a variety of weather conditions, as it can be hot and cold the same day, as well as windy. Participants should be able to handle Mazama level B hikes. We will camp for seven nights at Furnace Creek Campground.

See here for more information and registration. For other questions, contact leader Bob Breivogel at 503-292-2940 or


Hells Canyon Backpack

Dates: April 24–30, 2022
Leaders: Rex Breunsbach and Alice Brocoum

Hells Canyon

Spend five days and four nights exploring Hells Canyon, the deepest canyon in the U.S., via the Snake River National Recreation Trail. We’ll backpack for five days, driving two days en route to and from the canyon. We’ll hike a moderate 6–12 miles per day and explore spectacular river and canyon scenery, solitude, and historic sights along the way. Due to limited camping spaces, we will limit the group to ten people. Expenses will be $85 for members $135 for non-members. Expenses include camping fees and permits. You will supply all your transportation, food for the backpack, and any meals purchased along the way.

See here for more information and to register. For more questions, contact Rex Breunsbach at 971-832-2556 or Alice Brocoum at 702-682-9653.

John Muir Trail Trek

Dates: September 2–19
Leader: Gary Bishop 

Muir Outing

Follow in the steps of John Muir as we take his 215-mile namesake trail from the top of Mt. Whitney (14,494 feet) to the Yosemite Valley, traversing the beautiful and scenic High Sierras. To overcome issues with obtaining a permit, we will be starting our journey a little south of Mt. Whitney at the Cottonwood trailhead. This will add approximately 18 miles to the hike.

Highlights of the trek include multiple 10,000-foot passes, alpine lakes, jaw-dropping scenery, and the summit of Mt. Whitney. The five to six participants will need to be in good physical condition and have experience in at least one 100-mile (or greater) trek and one 12,000-foot peak or pass. We will be traveling light and fast, approximately 20 miles per day with elevation gains of 5,000 feet on some days and a majority of the hike takes place at over 8,000 feet.

This outing was scheduled for last year and was canceled due to COVID-19. The team from 2020 has been unofficially accepted for this year’s trip. Anyone else applying for the trip at this time will be considered for an alternate spot.

See here for more information and to register. 

Hiking in South Central Alaska

Dates: August 17–24
Leaders: Larry Solomon and Sherry Dourdin

Chugach State Park

Join us for a 7-day Mazama Outing to Alaska. Participants will have 15 hours of daylight each day to enjoy B or C-level hiking among dramatic glaciers and majestic mountains, with opportunities to view moose, bears, and other wildlife.

We will be staying in two modern houses 15–20 miles east of Anchorage, just minutes from beautiful 495,000-acre Chugach State Park, which offers more than 280 miles of maintained trails. Our hiking will include a trip to Kenai Fjords National Park and a trail to the glorious and iconic Harding Icefield.

The cost for lodging and fees is $854–$1,053 for members and $914–$1,113 for non-members depending upon the number of participants. Participants are responsible for their travel and meals.

See here for more information and registration. For other questions, contact leader Larry Solomon at or assistant leader Sherry Bourdin at

Rocky Mountain National Park

July 19–July 26, 2022
Leader: Sue Dimin

Come to spectacular Rocky Mountain National Park for a 7 day car camping/hiking trip in Colorado.

Rocky Mountain National Park's 265,000 acres offer a spectacular range of mountain environments. Meadows and lakes in the subalpine zone and the mountain peaks located in the alpine zone. Along the way we will explore over 300 miles of maintained hiking trails and incredible wildlife viewing. Participants will have the choice of B-C level hikes. We will be camping at Glacier Basin group campground in the Park.

See here for more information and registration. For questions contact Leader Sue Dimin at or Assistants Dyanne Foster at, or Reuel Kurzet at

Want to go on an outing?

Great! There are a few steps to complete your application for an upcoming outing.

Complete your Application

  1. Look through the list of available outings that can be found in the Upcoming Outings section on this page (above).
  2. Apply for the Outing by clicking on the appropriate button and following the application process.
  3. Please be sure to fill out your Mazama profile with relevant medical information and your emergency contact. This information is not used to determine acceptance but to ensure the leader is adequately prepared for the outing. Withholding important, relevant medical information may result in a participant being asked to leave the outing.

Outing Participant Payment

The total cost of an outing is listed in the description of that outing, please be aware of these costs before applying. The initial deposit payment must be made to confirm your spot on the outing.

  1. Deposit: When you apply for an outing you will input your credit card. If you are accepted onto the outing, your credit card will be charged the DEPOSIT. The deposit includes your Outing Fee ($10/activity day for members; $20/activity day for nonmembers).
  2. Remaining Balance: Once accepted onto the outing, you will be sent an invoice for the balance of the outing. You may pay the remainder by check or credit card.

Note: As an incentive for Leaders to put in the time and effort to arrange and lead outings, the Leader and Assistant Leader costs may be paid by the participants.

Lead an Outing

Not finding any outings list for locations that you are interested in exploring? Perhaps you would like to lead an outing to a specific locale? Certain restrictions apply, but the majority of Mazama members already qualify to be Outing Leaders. The best Outing Leaders have already been to the location that they wish to lead an outing to, and are familiar with the languages, customs, and travel companies that operate there.

Outings are divided into two categories; domestic and international. They must consist of at least five days and include some form of educational benefit for the participants. Typically, outings include activities such as hiking, backpacking, tours, rafting, kayaking, climbing, and exploration of natural environments. Outings can be oriented toward children and families, or focused on more difficult or technical objectives.

Contact the Mazama Outings Committee or the Mazama Mountaineering Center for more information.

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