The Mazamas regularly lead travel adventures, both foreign and domestic, that allow our members to experience other cultures, ecosystems, mountain ranges, and the natural world in a safe and affordable manner. Outings are defined as trips that last for five days or more, and may include climbs, hikes, camping, walking tours, kayaking, cycling, etc. Our travel program is commonly referred to as "Outings" and all travel opportunities are available to members and nonmembers.

As a service to our members, we are providing links to the following organizations that may also offer trips of interest at their member rates:

What's Next?

Want to go on an outing? Great! There are a few steps to complete your application for an upcoming outing.

  1. Look through the list of available outings that can be found in the Upcoming Outings Calendar on this page.
  2. If you find an outing you are interested in, make sure to read through the age and skills requirements.
  3. When you apply, you will need to fill out a profile on our website and input your credit card.
  4. If accepted, your credit card will be charged for the trip deposit, and we will send you an invoice for the remainder of the balance of the trip as soon as the final amount is known.

Note: As an incentive for Leaders to put in the time and effort to arrange and lead outings, the Leader and Assistant Leader costs may be paid by the participants.


Complete your Application

  1. Apply for the Outing by clicking on the outing and following the application process.
  2. Download, print, complete, and return the Medical Form

Outing Participant Payment

The initial deposit payment must be made to confirm your spot on the outing.

  1. Deposit: When you apply for an outing you will input your credit card. If you are accepted onto the outing, your credit card will be charged the DEPOSIT.
  2. Remaining Balance: Once accepted onto the outing, you will be sent an invoice for the balance of the outing. You may pay the remainder by check or credit card.

Outings Forms

Lead an Outing

Not finding any outings list for locations that you are interested in exploring? Perhaps you would like to lead an outing to a specific locale? Certain restrictions apply, but the majority of Mazama members already qualify to be Outing Leaders. The best Outing Leaders have already been to the location that they wish to lead an outing to, and are familiar with the languages, customs, and travel companies that operate there.

Outings are divided into two categories; domestic and international. They must consist of at least five days and include some form of educational benefit for the participants. Typically, outings include activities such as hiking, backpacking, tours, rafting, kayaking, climbing, and exploration of natural environments. Outings can be oriented toward children and families, or focused on more difficult or technical objectives.

Contact the Mazama Outings Committee or the Mazama Mountaineering Center for more information.

Trinity Alps High Route Trek

Dates: September 8–14, 2018 *Alternates Only*
Outing Leader: Gary Bishop

Join us as we hike a large portion of northern California's Trinity Alps High Route. This ~35-mile alpine trek circumnavigates the Canyon Creek drainage and includes the summits of up to four named peaks in the Trinity Alps Wilderness. The Trinity Alps are a spectacular and rugged collection of mountains and ridges in the Klamath Mountains of northern California. The high route encompasses largely off-trail hiking and is mostly above treeline. All peaks should be 3rd class or less and will not require any technical gear.

The six to eight participants will need to be in good physical condition and have experience in at least one 50-mile (or greater) trek. We will be traveling light and fast, up to 10 miles per day with daily elevation gains varying from near zero to almost 5000 feet. The terrain will be challenging, with rocks, brush, and scree. The cost of the outing is $266 to $318 (depending on number of participants) and covers all fees and lodging costs. We will be carpooling to the trailhead and staying in a hotel the night before and after the trek. A $100 deposit will be required upon acceptance. Contact the leader Gary Bishop ( or assistant Brooke Weeber ( for more information.