The Mazamas Executive Council is a nine-member Board of Directors for the organization. Three members are elected to three-year terms annually on the first Monday in October. 

The Mazama Executive Council has, among other duties, three obligations to fulfill:

  • To efficiently govern and manage the organization’s activities to responsibly meet our mission.
  • To maintain the highest standards of fiscal integrity and accountability.
  • To ensure stewardship of funds which are granted to outside organizations and individuals.

Interested in the Executive Council

If you are interested in serving as a member of the Mazamas Executive council, please fill out this form and a member of the Nominating Committee will contact you. If you have questions, please email  See the current list of Nominating Committee members at the bottom of this page.

Joe Eberhardt, President

Joe Eberhardt

Term: Oct. 2018–Oct. 2021

President: 2020–2021

Treasurer: 2019–2021

Serves on Board Development (Fundraising) Committee

I joined the Mazamas in 2009 after a solo trek on Mt Hood where the objective risks impressed upon me that climbing is best done as a team effort. The volunteer-led education from the Mazamas has been top notch allowing me to learn a lot about mountaineering through BCEP (2011), ICS (2012-2013), and AR (2016). I have in return given back my time and effort to assisting all three of these classes and for a couple years coordinating AR. I became a climb leader in 2014 to further help with educating mountaineers through the experience of climbing in the alpine. Thus far, I have led 13 of the 16 peaks, and have learned even more about the need for a team and the wonderful resource that each team member can be to creating a positive and successful climb.

When not climbing, I operate my own business as an independent investment adviser helping people plan for a successful retirement and educating them on investments. My experience and education in finance and investments will provide a good resource for the Executive Council to make wise and prudent strategic decisions for the greater Mazamas team.

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Aimee Filimoehala, Vice President

Aimee Filimoehala

Term: April 2020–Oct. 2021

Vice President: 2020–2021

Serves on Board Bylaws Subcommittee

With a deep appreciation for the mountains, I joined the Mazamas in 2017 and quickly fell in love with the mission of the organization and the people.  I was so impressed by the numerous volunteers that were freely sharing their knowledge for safety in the mountains, I knew this was an organization I wanted to be a part of.

I have been fortunate to be able to advance my skills by taking BCEP 2017, ICS 2019, and AR 2020 (prior to it being canceled).  I have actively volunteered with BCEP, and have been a committee member with ICS and Portland Alpine Fest.  I am currently chipping away at becoming a climb leader in the Leadership Development Program.

In my professional life, I’m the owner and Director of Operations of a company that designs and manufactures crafting products that we distribute to companies and consumers all over the world.  

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Amanda Ryan-Fear, Secretary

Term: Oct. 2019–Oct. 2022

Secretary: 2019–2021

Amanda Ryan-Fear

My relationship with the Mazamas is somewhat new, having joined in 2015. I participated in BCEP in 2016 and was hooked. I truly appreciated the group of volunteers dedicated to helping us develop the skills to be safe in the mountains and loved connecting with new friends with interests similar to mine. I'm grateful for this opportunity to give back to the organization so that we can continue to inspire a love of the mountains and develop our outdoor community.  

The bulk of my career has been spent in public education. I have served as a high school teacher, dean of students, assistant principal, graduate-level instructor and hold a doctoral degree in educational leadership. Prior to my teaching career I was an executive director for a non-profit therapeutic equestrian program for people with special needs and have served on the board of a local organization that brings art and music to Portland schools. I currently run a coaching and retreat business for female leaders and look forward to using my background and various skill-sets in service to the Mazamas. 

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Jesse Applegate

Jesse Applegate

Term: Oct. 2019– Oct. 2022

Serves on Board Finance Committee

Like many Mazamas, I joined with the intention of learning new skills and meeting new people. What I found was an amazing community and a life-changing path of personal growth and discovery. I started with taking the Ski Mountaineering class in 2013 followed immediately after by BCEP, ICS, ASI, and AR as soon as I could take them. I always laugh at how for most of my life I thought climbing was just ridiculous and definitely something I would never do—turns out it's quite amazing. I also like long distance trail running and flying airplanes for fun.

Much of my volunteer experience to date in the Mazamas has been in the education programs. I've instructed for BCEP, ICS, and AR. I served on the Intermediate Climb School Committee from 2016-2019, and in 2018 became a Climb Leader. When not involved with Mazamas activities I stay pretty busy as a field-deployable member of Portland Mountain Rescue, and as the "plane captain" responsible for owner-authorized maintenance on the Hillsboro Flying Club's Cessna 182P. I've served on the Hillsboro Flying Club board since 2013 managing its small fleet of airplanes and their operational expenses on behalf of the non-profit's membership.

To keep food on the table and to buy more climbing gear I run a business as an engineering consultant.

I want the Mazamas to be leaders in the community as experts in their interests, progressive ambassadors, and stewards. As an organization I want the Mazamas to be viewed as an asset to the outdoor community that is inclusive, provides opportunity for personal growth, and is a community in which everyone feels valued and a sense of belonging.

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Judith Baker

Judith Baker

Term: Oct. 2018–Oct. 2021

Serves on Board Bylaws Subcommittee

I agreed to join the Executive Council for two reasons. First, I wanted to give back to the organization that connected me to the mountains that I love so dearly. Second, I understand the critical role that a board plays in thoughtfully steering a nonprofit to meet its strategic goals. I wanted to be part of the Mazamas strategic future inspiring and developing our outdoor community.

Over the years I’ve taken both BCEP and ICS and climbed many peaks in the Cascades. I truly love hiking and climbing in the mountains.

I currently work at the Oregon State Bar as the Chief Access to Justice Officer. As much as I love the mountains I have an equal passion for assuring that low-income Oregonians achieve justice by having access to legal information, legal representation and the courts.   

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Bob Breivogel

Bob Breivogel

Term: Oct. 2020– Oct. 2023

Serves on Board Finance Committee

I grew up in the New York-New Jersey metro  area, but moved west to Silicon Valley after college in 1974 and later migrated north to Oregon in 1980. I have always been drawn to the outdoors and high places.  

While living in the Bay Area I learned to climb in the Yosemite Valley and High Sierras with the Sierra Club.   Moving to Oregon, I felt I needed a new organized group to climb with. I joined Mazamas in 1982, and began leading climbs in 1988. Currently have 300+ Mazama climb leads, including all the 16 NW peaks. I also have led many Mazama trail trips, street rambles, and numerous outings. I have previously served on Executive Council 2007–2010 and several committees (publications, outings, trail trips, strategic planning, and bylaws).  I have also taught BCEP, ICS, and ASI classes. 

Managing by consensus within groups has always been a goal of mine.  I like to plan and work towards realistic goals and anticipate problems before they arise.

I formerly worked at Intel Corp for 21 years as a process engineer and later did consulting work. Co-founder of Microvision inc – a machine vision systems integrator.  Holder 10 US Patents. 

Some other of my interests include nature photography, natural history, gardening, long distance road biking, and  travel.

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Reena Clements

Term: Oct. 2020– Oct. 2023

Reena Clements

I became involved with the Mazamas in 2015 on an AYM backpacking trip, and immediately knew I’d come upon an amazing community of outdoors enthusiasts. After a few hiking trips, I quickly became a hike leader and have been getting involved in different ways since. I’ve been a member of and chaired both hiking committees (Trail Trips/AYM), taught First Aid/CPR & Hike Leader Training, amongst various other involvements. I am passionate about providing diverse outdoors experiences, and am known as a hike leader for bringing participants to new and out-of-the way places that they might not have otherwise experienced. 

I trained as a scientist and now work in project management. Of all of my work, I am most proud of my involvement with DEI. I’ve spent over ten years working with underrepresented groups and the general community to provide everything from basic science education to college prep skills for first-generation high school students. I am excited to bring my passion for outdoors stewardship and experience with DEI work/increasing access to direct Mazamas operations from the Executive Council. 

When I’m not volunteering with the Mazamas, I’m off somewhere in the world hiking, when not hiking, I’m climbing, when not climbing, I’m backpacking. For the rare moment that I’m actually in town, I’m swooning over my fluffy cat, Artemis, swinging kettlebells, cooking something new, solving puzzles with friends, or finding some other exciting thing to pass my time.

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Lori Coyner

Term: Oct. 2020– Oct. 2023

Serves on Board Development (Fundraising) Committee

Lori Coyner

Lori Coyner is honored to serve on the Executive Council to contribute her skills and background to keep the Mazamas strong, sustainable and moving forward. The Mazamas serves an important role in education, volunteerism and activism for the outdoors and the wild spaces in the Pacific NW. Our current environment with COVID and bringing to light the long-standing racism in our country has created a time of uncertainty and change for us all. Lori believes this presents both a challenge and an opportunity to move the Mazamas forward in managing a sound budget, embracing diversity and inclusion, and continuing to be an important avenue for people to engage with the mountains in Oregon and beyond.

Lori brings a broad perspective and deep experience in teaching and mentoring, budget oversight, vision development, strategic planning, management, staff development, and engagement and outreach to communities. Lori currently serves as Oregon’s Medicaid Director and has served on a number of non-profit boards, worked for a non-profit in Oregon and led a non-profit sports organization. It is important to Lori that she accomplishes her work with a smile, some fun, and with her best listening skills. 

Lori has spent a lifetime playing in wild spaces, joined the Mazamas in 2012, and then took BCEP, ICS, AR, and Canyoneering along with participating in various volunteer activities.  When not climbing, she is spending time exploring less traveled foreign places, engaging in other outdoor fun, reading, playing cribbage and cooking delicious food.

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Nominating Committee

George Cummings, 2018–2021

Sue Dimin, 2018–2021

Donna Vandall, 2018–2021

Lynny Brown, 2019–2022

Claire Tenscher, 2019–2022

Barbara Weiss, 2019–2022

Ardel Frick, 2020–2023

John Rettig, 2020–2023

Kaitlyn Rupert, 2020–2023

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