The Mazamas Executive Council is a nine-member Board of Directors for the organization. Three members are elected to three-year terms annually on the first Monday in October. 

The Mazama Executive Council has, among other duties, three obligations to fulfill:

  • To efficiently govern and manage the organization’s activities to responsibly meet our mission.
  • To maintain the highest standards of fiscal integrity and accountability.
  • To ensure stewardship of funds which are granted to outside organizations and individuals.

Interested in the Executive Council

If you are interested in serving as a member of the Mazamas Executive council, please fill out this form and a member of the Nominating Committee will contact you. If you have questions, please email  See the current list of Nominating Committee members at the bottom of this page.

Traci Manning, President

Term: Oct. 2017–Oct. 2020

Secretary (2018)

Traci Manning joined the Executive Council to give back to an organization that gives so much to its members, to support the countless volunteer hours and talent that others give every day, and to continue the Mazamas’ legacy of ensuring access to these magical outdoor places is preserved for future generations.

Traci spent the first 18 years of her career with the nonprofit Central City Concern, primarily working in affordable housing development and management and as Chief Operating Officer. She left CCC to become the Director of the City of Portland Housing Bureau. Since 2015 she has co-owned the Gorgeous Series with her husband, operating running events throughout Oregon.

Traci is an Oregon native who joined the Mazamas in 2006, took BCEP in 2007, and has participating in various volunteer activities since. When she’s not climbing, she’s running, hiking or traveling around in their Sprinter van with her husband (who she met in the Mazamas) and their dog Bodhi.

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Robin Wilcox, Vice President

Robin Wilcox

Term: Oct. 2018–Oct. 2021

I joined the Mazamas in 2006 after an accidental Hike to the Summit climb of South Sister. Since then, I’ve volunteered my time with most of the climb schools, classes, and committees, but more importantly, I’ve had the opportunity to meet hundreds of Oregonians I otherwise wouldn’t have known. My desire to serve as a member of Executive Council stems from my desire to improve communication between our members, leaders, staff, and the community.

Professionally, I work to provide access to natural areas, parks, and trails for all Oregonians (and our visitors), while protecting these places for future generations.

In addition to being a climber, I am a mother, partner, and musician.

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Laura Guderyahn, Secretary

Oct. 2018–Oct. 2020  

My relationship with the Mazamas began in 2009, when I started doing weekly hiking adventures with the Mazamas. I learned to rock climb with friends and even climbed several peaks with them. I joined the Mazamas in 2011 and took the Basic Climbing Education Program (BCEP) in 2012 after realizing I didn’t know nearly enough about safely navigating rock and ice and was more of a liability than an asset to my friends. It was such an inspirational experience, that I went straight into the Intermediate Climbing School (ICS) in 2012/2013 then Advanced Rock (AR) in 2014, and Advanced Snow & Ice in 2015.  I even did the canyoneering class in 2016. I have worked hard to give back to the Mazamas as much as I am benefiting and have served on multiple committees, including BCEP (2013–2018), ICS (2015–2017), and Families (2017 to present). I also assist a BCEP team every year and regularly help with the Youth Outreach Program. I have given several ICS lectures and am coordinating the FM101 in 2018–19.

For 12 years, I have worked as an ecologist, first for the City of Gresham and now for Portland Parks and Recreation. I actively work to restore natural areas throughout the Portland area, making them as healthy as possible for the wildlife that live there and the people that visit. I work closely with volunteer groups or all ages, from kindergartners to active seniors, helping them to improve our lands and learn about the plants and animals that live in our city.

In my down time, I climb, mountaineer, and rack up as many miles backpacking with my husband as possible. Our tortoise, Little Dude, prefers to stay home😊

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Joe Eberhardt, Treasurer

Joe Eberhardt

Term: Oct. 2018–Oct. 2021

I joined the Mazamas in 2009 after a solo trek on Mt Hood where the objective risks impressed upon me that climbing is best done as a team effort. The volunteer-led education from the Mazamas has been top notch allowing me to learn a lot about mountaineering through BCEP (2011), ICS (2012-2013), and AR (2016). I have in return given back my time and effort to assisting all three of these classes and for a couple years coordinating AR. I became a climb leader in 2014 to further help with educating mountaineers through the experience of climbing in the alpine. Thus far, I have led 13 of the 16 peaks, and have learned even more about the need for a team and the wonderful resource that each team member can be to creating a positive and successful climb.

When not climbing, I operate my own business as an independent investment adviser helping people plan for a successful retirement and educating them on investments. My experience and education in finance and investments will provide a good resource for the Executive Council to make wise and prudent strategic decisions for the greater Mazamas team.

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Rick Amodeo

Term: Oct. 2019–Oct. 2022

Bio & Photo coming soon.

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Jesse Applegate

Term: Oct. 2019–Oct. 2022

Bio & Photo coming soon.

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Judith Baker

Judith Baker

Term: Oct. 2018–Oct. 2021

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Amanda Ryan-Fear

Term: Oct. 2019–Oct. 2022

Bio & Photo coming soon.

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Nominating Committee

Lynny Brown
George Cummings
Sue Dimin
Marty Hanson
Walter Keutel
John Rettig
Freda Sherburne
Barbara Weiss
Joan Zuber