527 SE 43rd Avenue
Portland, OR 97215

Hours of Operation

Monday–Thursday: 10:30 a.m.– 5 p.m.


The Mazama Mountaineering Center is a vibrant hub of activity for the outdoor community in Portland, Ore. We are open year round and host a variety of classes, camps, and public events at our facility.

Key features include:

  • Space for our numerous committee meetings, education and activity programs
  • Storage, display and research space for the extensive library, museum and historical archives
  • Neighborhood visibility to further the outreach of our programs to our community
  • Space to provide for the use by like-minded non-profits and collaboration
  • On-site parking, street level visibility and ADA access to ensure our inclusive welcome to the community
  • Large Auditorium for first aid training, cultural & scientific presentations
  • Modern office facilities, including appropriate internet and computer connectivity
  • Two instructional rock climbing walls
  • One instructional foam ice climbing wall

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A bit of Mazama History

  • 1914 - first meeting and office space at American Bank Building, Portland
  • 1919 - move to Chamber of Commerce Bldg., SW Third Avenue
  • 1926 - move to Pacific Building, at SW 5th & Yamhill Street
  • 1957 - move to NW 19th & Kearney
  • 1978 - remodel to improve layout
  • 1999 - added 1st floor and 'annex' space
  • 2002 - new owner purchases NW 19th & Kearney
  • 2005 - purchase of the old Mt. Hood Masonic Lodge at SE 43rd and Stark
  • 2006 - remodeling begins to create the Mazama Mountaineering Center
  • 2007 - move into the new Mazama Mountaineering Center, or MMC