Adventurous Young Mazamas (AYM) offers activities targeted to those in their 20s and 30s and anyone young at heart. All activities are open everyone, regardless of age.

If you join an AYM event you can expect a great leaders, awesome locations, and overall, a ton of FUN!

Check out the upcoming activities below. To sign up you just need to create an account, and then click on the activity link and follow the prompts.

Interested in becoming a hike leader? Sign up for a required Hike Leader Training Class to learn more about our program.

AYM Activity Information

All Mazama hikes are open to all members and non-members alike.

Find a Hike Suitable for Your Fitness and Experience Level

If you’re not sure of your capabilities, it’s probably best to choose a hike that’s easier than you think you can do. Newcomers to the Northwest often find that our hikes are quite a bit steeper than they're used to in other parts of the country. 

Be Prompt

Plan to arrive 10-15 minutes early, sign in with the leader, pay the trip fees, and organize carpools. The Mazamas ask that carpool riders contribute 10 cents per mile to their carpool driver. Some carpool meeting areas are popular with other hiking groups as well, so be sure you're on board with the correct group. 

Bring Proper Clothing, Food, and Gear

Please wear and bring proper clothing (made of materials that will stay warm if they get wet, raingear, and appropriate footwear). Leaders may turn away anyone who isn't properly dressed or equipped for the safety of the group. Bring a lunch, at least two liters of water, and as many of the "Ten Essentials" as you have (see sidebar).


For out-of-town trips, we usually carpool from the Portland area. You don't need to organize a carpool ahead of time. Everyone meets at the meeting place listed on the hike schedule and we arrange carpools from there. The most common meeting points are Gateway Transit Center and Sunset Transit Center. Both are on the MAX lines and have free parking garages.

Dog-Friendly Hikes

No pets are permitted on Mazama events unless the event is specifically listed as being dog-friendly. For events where dogs are permitted, the owners are expected to keep their dogs on leash and under control at all times. Owners must follow any instructions given to them by the event leader regarding their pets. Hostile or aggressive dogs are not welcome on Mazama events.

  • All dogs must be properly vaccinated, collared and have personal ID / vaccination tags.
  • Dogs are not permitted off-leash at any point on Mazama events.
  • Dog owners must be aware and respectful of the rest of the group and of other trail users. Some individuals are not comfortable around dogs or may be intimidated by them. Other trail users have the right of way and should be given plenty of space to get by.
  • Owners will maintain control of enthusiastic and/or barking dogs.
  • Dog owners should bring extra water for their pup - and must clean up after their pets & "pack it out" if so warranted.

Mazama Event Rules

Mazama Event Rules

  • Participation is at your own risk. The Mazamas assume no liability for accidents or incidents. In the event of an accident, illness or other incapacity, a participant will pay for his/her own medical and/or evacuation expenses, whether or not he/she has specifically authorized them.
  • Leaders may refuse participation to anyone who they feel is unqualified or unprepared.
  • Firearms, weapons, alcohol and radios (other than ham radio transmitters, two-way radios or weather radios) are not permitted on activities.
  • No one will be permitted on an activity who has taken or used substances (including medication) which may impair performance or judgement.
  • Any participant who engages in behavior which would endanger the group or who is unable/unwilling to follow Mazama rules may be signed off the trip. This may occur at the activity leader's discretion.
  • All wilderness regulations will be followed as applicable. There is a maximum size of twelve persons in designated wilderness areas.
  • Please be courteous to others and turn cellphones/pagers off while participating on events.
  • All participants shall carry out everything they carry in.
  • Carpooling is strongly encouraged; it's safer, cheaper and more fun!
  • Participants under eighteen years of age must provide the activity leader with a written permission slip signed by a parent or guardian - or must be accompanied by a responsible adult who is not the leader. Participants under the age of fifteen must be accompanied by a responsible adult. If the "responsible adult" should turn back, all participants he/she is responsible for must turn back as well.

AYM Hike Leaders

Meet your AYM hike leaders! All of the AYM leaders have gone through specific leadership and first aid training. We aim to provide you with a fun and safe experience on the trails.

Agreen Ahmadi

I'm from iran and my name is a Kurdish name (it means to be made of fire, symbolic for passionate and brave). I started mountaineering in Iran in ...

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Taylor Courier

Robotics engineer, park ranger, software engineer, photographer. Love being outside, exploring the beautiful Pacific Northwest, and providing the opportunity for others to experience the natural ...

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Keith Dechant

AYM hike leader and committee member. Explorer of obscure places. I've been to 29 countries and 49 US states. I've climbed one of the seven ...

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Benjamin Goff

I grew up internationally and saw K2, Nonga Parbat, and Everest at a young age. Ever since I've stared in wonder at the mountains and ...

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Sándor Lau

Born in a good mood. I'd rather ski down the mountain. Rarely accused of being shy or taking too few photos. Medium-core outdoor ...

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Forest Menke-Thielman

If applying to my climbs: Please first check out this link about applying to climbs in the Mazamas for basic questions. Additionally, I ...

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Nhat Pham

I grew up in Vietnam, came to the States as a teenager. I moved to Portland from the Bay Area in July 2018. I love ...

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Heather Polonsky (she/her)

Philly area native living in Portland! Recreational runner, happy hiker, casual climber, cycle commuter, pawrent. My hikes can be pretty pupular, as they are open ...

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Matt Reeder

I've spent my life in search of wandering trails, thunderous waterfalls and spectacular views. When I was young my parents and I moved from Illinois ...

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Rachel Smith

I am one of those rare Oregonians who was lucky enough to find a job and be able to settle back down in Oregon when ...

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Cassie Soucy (she/her)

Frequently find myself exploring new areas whether it's locally on the SW Trail system in Portland or discovering a new hikes/mountain tops in other states ...

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