Our Mission

To inspire everyone to love and protect the mountains.



We believe in the inherent value of our fellow Mazamas, of our volunteers, and of members of the community. An open, trusting and inclusive environment is essential to promoting our mission and values.


We believe safety is our primary responsibility in all education and outdoor activities. Training, risk management, and incident reporting are critical supporting elements.


We believe training, experience and skills development are fundamental to preparedness, enjoyment and safety in the mountains. Studying, seeking and sharing knowledge leads to an increased understanding of mountain environments.


We believe volunteers are the driving force in everything we do. Teamwork, collaboration, and generosity of spirit are the essence of who we are.


We believe camaraderie, friendship and fun are integral to everything we do. We welcome the participation of all people and collaborate with those who share our goals.


We believe all leaders, committee members, staff, volunteers and participants should possess the knowledge, skills, abilities and judgment required of their roles.


We believe we are trusted by the community in mountaineering matters. We are relied upon for information based on best practices and experience.


We believe in conserving the mountain environment. We protect our history and archives and sustain a healthy organization.