Here's your opportunity to learn a little bit more about the Mazama climb leaders who will be leading climbs this summer.

Climb Leader Bios

Wim Aarts

Have done some kayaking, climbing, skimountaineering,hiking, biking, expeditioning, canyoneering and other trashing adventures

Starting in 1988 in the German Alpine Society I started Skimountaineering. Soon ...

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Jesse Applegate

Ultra-runner/private-pilot sees mountain: wants to ski it. Joins the Mazamas, takes a bunch of classes. Mind blown. Climbs all the things. Still hasn't skied that ...

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Scott Auble

Mild-mannered technologist by day – inveterate adventurer all other times.

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Mikey Austin
An avid climber, skier, and member of Portland Mountain Rescue.
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Gary Ballou

I joined the Mazamas in 2008, at an older age than most, having been on a few guided climbs before that. It’s been a good ...

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Tyler Bax

For me, a critical component of climbing is an exploration of the unknown, in which climbers practice physical and mental skills on a journey of ...

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Larry Beck (he/him)

Mazama member since 2006; BCEP grad, 2006 (Bronder/Caldwell); BCEP Assistant, 2009-2012 (Bronder/Caldwell); ICS grad, 2010-11 (Murphy/Weston); ICS instructor, 2011-2019 and 2023; BCEP team leader/co-leader, 2013-present ...

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Gary Bishop

Born and raised in Portland I feel very fortunate to have the wonderful Pacific Northwest in my backyard. I've been a Climb Leader since 2012, ...

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Andrew Bodien


Political Scientist by education, International Trade Consultant by profession, and constantly searching for the perfect pun. I am a denizen of the Pacific Northwest, ...

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Lisa Brady (she/her)

I started in the Mazamas in 2009 after moving to PDX from Florida. I enjoy any time out in the backcountry. I have 2 small ...

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Eric Brainich

My passion is climbing on ice and snow and being on a glacier. I've been climbing since 1996 and cut my teeth climbing in the ...

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Jason Breaker

Mazama service: Assist regularly with BCEP, ICS, and Canyoneering; Canyoneering Committee 2017-19; ICS Committee 2016-17; Education Committee 2016-17; Expedition Committee (Chair) 2016-17, 2018-19; Research Committee ...

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Bob Breivogel

I joined Mazamas in 1982, started leading climbs in 1988. Over 300 Mazama climb leads, including all the 16 peaks. I also have lead over ...

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Richard Bronder

I am originally from the Midwest. My wife and I moved to Vancouver in the late 1980’s because of work. We rented an apartment that ...

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Amy Brose (she/her)


I enjoy climbing big Cascade peaks, and love building camp in the snow and staying on a mountain for days. Favorite climbs include Eldorado ...

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Jeremy Buck

Growing up in upstate New York, I loved hiking and climbing in the Adirondacks. After visiting grad schools and climbing in the Pacific Northwest, I ...

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Larry Buzan

ICS, AR, E-level climb leader. Various volunteer activities.

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Justin (JC) Colquhoun

(He/Him) Climb Leader. 80s song lyric and bad movie quoter. #snacks #SnackLife

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Toby Contreras (he/him)

I'm an Instructor with Guide Dogs for the Blind and have lived in Portland since 1997. I took BCEP in 2016 (Yatvin), ICS in '17-18, ...

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George Cummings

I was born and educated in Canada and emigrated to the U.S. in 1959 after graduating from UBC with a degree in philosophy. I live ...

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Howie Davis

I’m a PNW guy though I’ve lived abroad and travel often.

The Mazamas has had a powerful impact on my life. I've developed many ...

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Pushkar Dixit


Appreciative and grateful for the mountains, the plateaus, the plains, places where we live and play.

I enjoy teaching, and am eager to ...

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Debbie Dwelle (she/her)

I'm passionate about climbing and love sharing outdoor adventures with other folx. I took the Basic Climbing Education Program (BCEP) in 2016, Intermediate Climbing School ...

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Joe Eberhardt

I enjoy the challenge of climbing. You must be physically fit, maintain your positive attitude, and be technically skilled for the many varied situations that ...

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Eric Einspruch

I began venturing into the mountains as a teenager, and have enjoyed doing so ever since, as I find great value in spending time outdoors. ...

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Aimee Filimoehala

Adventure enthusiast! Grew up getting dirty in the beautiful Utah mountains; backpacking and skiing were just the way of life. Always up for an adventure ...

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Alex Fox
  • Climbing since: 2010
  • I grew up in Michigan and didn't care much for outdoor activities until I moved out here in 2009. Pretty well hooked now.
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Brinda Ganesh

I'm a climber at heart and an engineer by day. I grew up in the plains of India and have made the Pacific Northwest my ...

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John Godino

Mazamas member since about 1995, climb leader since about 2002. Mazamas instructor in advanced rock and wilderness navigation. Favorite summit snack: good quality olives. Other ...

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Amy Graham

Outside of climbing, I enjoy playing tennis, biking, strength training, spending time with family and friends and traveling around the world. I like a good ...

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Karen Graves

When I took BCEP in 2011, my only goal was to fulfill a childhood dream of climbing Mt. Hood. My first climb out of BCEP ...

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Leora Gregory

I climbed my first mountain (Mt. Hood) in 2000, in which one of our party members fell and seriously broke her ankle. Fearing that I ...

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Shane Harlson

I’m a transplant from the Midwest. Came over here for school in 2003, and haven’t left since. I discovered the Mazamas in 2010, and it’s ...

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Duncan Hart

Joined the faculty of Linfield College in 2017 teaching Organizational Behavior and Management. Worked in environmental compliance and semiconductor operations/construction. Spent time in the Navy ...

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Stephen Hirai

Always up for a challenge, meeting new people, and experiencing the mountains and the rock.

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Michael Hortsch
  • Volunteer Portland Mountain rescue
  • Climb leader
  • Native portlander

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Melinda Hugo

Climb. Be kind. Be safe. Not necessarily in that order.

Volunteer work:

  • ICS Commitee 2018-present
  • Mazama DEI Committee 2019-present
  • ICS Instructor ...
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Ryan Johnson

(He/Him) All are welcome on my climbs.

I took BCEP in 2014 followed by ICS (Snafflehounds 2015-16), AR in 2017 and became a climb ...

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James Jula

My Mazama journey began in 2005 when I joined to take BCEP so I could start learning how to rock climb. Three busy years of ...

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Jill Kellogg

I grew up in Pac NW and was introduced to the great outdoors early in life. It is my playground and my refuge. But the ...

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Julie Kentosh Lau
  • Climb Leader Since March 2020
  • Led 9 of 16 major northwest peaks
  • 37 Mazamas summit certificates 2017-2022
  • ICS 2017-2018
  • I work out every day: 1,507-day streak and counting!
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Walter Keutel

I grew up in Germany and discovered Oregon in the early 90’s after crisscrossing the US a number of times. After years of stalling and ...

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Chris Kruell

A native Minnesotan, I moved to Portland in the mid-1990s, and like many, quickly became enamored with our natural surroundings of ocean, forest, desert, and ...

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Derrick (Dirk) Lakeman

I like to make it fun for the climbers! I love to teach and really enjoy seeing the excitement on the faces of climbers, especially ...

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Sándor Lau

Born in a good mood. I'd rather ski down the mountain. Rarely accused of being shy or taking too few photos. Medium-core outdoor ...

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Andrew Leaf

A native Portlander, I grew up hiking and backpacking around the NW. I caught the climbing bug by taking BCEP in 2011 and haven't managed ...

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Chris LeDoux

Pronouns: they/them

I appreciate mountain therapy and all of the ways that being and connecting in nature helps me to ground and heal. I believe ...

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Michael Levis

Mazamas member since 2010, climb leader since 2018

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Alex Lockard

"The mountains are calling, and I must go." Those famous words of John Muir's speak to me for sure. I love being outside, traveling, exploring, ...

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Climb Leader Bios

Josh Lockerby
  • Took Basic School (BCEP) in '83. Became a climb leader in '91.
  • I like to teach/mentor climbers. Other hobbies include photography, astronomy, map making, home improvement. ...
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Linda Mark

I took BCEP in 2006 and was instantly hooked on mountaineering. I followed up with ICS in 2007, Advanced Snow (spring snow module only) in ...

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Bill McLoughlin

Bill has been a climb leader since 2005 and has substantially slowed down.

Behaviorally, Bill unpredictably careens between Gunnery Sgt. Hartman (Full Metal Jacket) ...

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John Meckel

I've been climbing since 1996 and for the past 20 years I've helped out teaching BCEP, ICS, and AR.

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Rico Micallef

I was very active in scouting. My son is an Eagle Scout, I even went to National Jamboree where I volunteered to teach scuba diving. ...

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Daniel Mick

**Note to potential applicants**: The first priority is ensuring fitness and well-balanced experience for the team. You can make this easier for leaders to evaluate ...

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Thomas Miller

My motivation to climb comes from being in a place that inspires awe of the natural world. Not necessarily the summit.

I have been a ...

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Kirk Newgard (he/him)

"Going to the woods is going home." I love the outdoors. Raised by two Seattle Mountaineers, I have been outside hiking and camping my entire ...

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Andy Nuttbrock

Born and raised in Oregon and have been active in the outdoors for as long as I can remember. Skiing, Camping, fishing, hiking, etc. A ...

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Lynne Pedersen

My goal is to create a team atmosphere with collaborative spirit to achieve a common goal of climbing a peak. Highest priority is to return ...

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James Pitkin

I'm a climb leader interested in sharing my love of the outdoors and technical climbing. I was a backpacker for many years before I moved ...

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Joe Preston (he/him)

(He/Him/His) I spent years playing drums and touring the country in punk bands. I'm a dog guy with an affinity for Boston Terriers. I'm a ...

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Lisa Ripps
  • Climbing Since: I was a little kid
  • Mazama Leader Since: 2011
  • I Like Climbing On: Everything
  • Mazamas Service: Climb Leader, BCEP leader, canyoneering leader/instructor, teaching: ICS, AR, MFA, ...
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Courtney Rust

(she/her) I love meeting individuals who are passionate about the outdoors, love adventure, and mostly want to have a fun time! When I'm not outside ...

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Jay Satak

I love the mountains and sharing it with friends. I like high places, snow and rock. I find the challenge of the mountains one I ...

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Trey Schutrumpf

My pronouns are he/him/his.

I grew up in Virginia spending most of my time around the water before I went to college in Appalachia. After ...

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Greg Scott

Pronouns: He/Him

People often ask me “what is your favorite climb?” I think the assumption is the answer will be something difficult or famous like ...

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Marty Scott

Retired CPA, Climb Leader since 1989, 16 peaks recipient. Since joining the Mazamas I have volunteered in many different capacities including coordinating and assisting with ...

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Tim Scott

I climbed South Sister and then joined the Mazamas in 1998. Since then, I've met a lot of great people climbing throughout the PNW, with ...

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George Shay
  • Climbing Since: 1993
  • Mazamas Leader Since: 2009
  • Preferred Pace (1-slow, 5-fast): 3
  • I Like Climbing On: Snow
  • Mazamas Service: BCEP assistant (1995-2009), ICS assistant – occasionally attended, Co-Led ...
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Suresh Singh

Been climbing with the Mazamas for several years. Completed BCEP (2011), ICS (2012), AR (2017).

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Bill Stein

I grew up in South Carolina, where I was more drawn to its mountains than its coast. I have lived in Oregon for the bulk ...

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John Sterbis

My wife and I moved to Portland in 2012 after living in several Midwest cities and we love it here. In addition to climbing, I ...

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Matthew Sundling

(He/him) I generally tend towards adventure climbing, whether it's a remote peak, route with little available beta, or coming up with some interesting and unusual ...

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Christine Troy (she/her)

I am an engineer turned middle school teacher turned engineer again who fell in love with climbing when I took BCEP in 2016 (Yatvin).  After ...

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Tracie Weitzman

[She/her] Lifelong Oregonian got bit by the rock climbing bug in 2012 after years of hiking and backpacking. Took BCEP in 2015 to learn snow ...

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Guy Wettstein


I grew up in both the Willamette Valley and San Francisco. Few personal accomplishments feel as rewarding to me as a well-executed climb, except ...

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Joe Whittington

I joined the Mazamas in 1978 after climbing Mt. Hood for the first time, and I've been a climb leader since 1991. I have been ...

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Glenn Widener

I have been climbing with Mazamas and leading my own climbs since 1989, leading for the club since 2009. I Love Alpine Rock - the ...

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Ania Wiktorowicz

Born and raised near the Polish Tatra Mountains, the region where many great Polish climbers come from (ask me about it and I will never ...

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Doug Wilson

I grew up in Alaska and started climbing and skiing in high school. Joined the Mazamas in 1981 and became a leader in 1989. My ...

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