Acker Rock is a ridge-like formation that towers 3000 feet above the South Umpqua and Buckeye Creek valleys in Oregon's southern Cascades. Acker Rock is a large, coarse-textured, shallow intrusive, quartz latite volcanic plug found deep in Oregon's Umpqua National forest, which provides a unique opportunity for adventure climbing in a remote setting. The summit is home to the historic Acker Rock Lookout, and is available for rent from June 23rd through October according to G. Orton's guidebook.

Eagles Dare (grade II, S 5.9, PG/PG-13) is an eight pitch sport alpine adventure route that directly ascends the west face of Acker Rock.

Other Information
Driving Distance from Portland 253 miles
Driving Time from Portland 5 hours
Distance - Round Trip 3 miles
Interesting Features Fire Lookout
Relevant Books Rock Climbing Western Oregon Vol 2: The Umpqua by Greg Orton
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