Acker Rock is a ridge-like formation that towers 3000 feet above the South Umpqua and Buckeye Creek valleys in Oregon's southern Cascades. Acker Rock is a large, coarse-textured, shallow intrusive, quartz latite volcanic plug found deep in Oregon's Umpqua National forest, which provides a unique opportunity for adventure climbing in a remote setting. The summit is home to the historic Acker Rock Lookout, which is still used for fire spotting. Generally it is available for rent from August 1 through November according to the Umpqua Nat'l Forest website.

Eagles Dare (grade II, S 5.9, PG/PG-13) is an eight pitch sport alpine adventure route that directly ascends the west face of Acker Rock.

Other Information
Driving Distance from Portland 253 miles
Driving Time from Portland 5 hours
Distance - Round Trip 3 miles
Interesting Features Fire Lookout
Relevant Books Rock Climbing Western Oregon Vol 2: The Umpqua by Greg Orton
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