The Trinity Alps Traverse begins on the north side of the Trinity Alps Wilderness, travels on a more or less north /south route through the entire wilderness, and exits on the south side of the wilderness. While not technically challenging, the traverse requires four long days, almost 7000 ft of elevation gain, and summits four of the highest peaks in the wilderness. Day 1: 7 miles on trail and 3600 ft from trailhead to Grizzly Lake. There is also a 1500 ft elevation loss on day 1. Day 2: 4 miles off trail, 3 summits, and another 3000 ft of elevation gain with only about 800 ft of elevation loss. Day 3: A 2.5 mile off trail traverse of a ridge with only about 700 ft of elevation to the summit of a fourth peak followed by an elevation loss of 3000 ft. in 1 mile. Day 4: 6 miles on trail and 2500 ft downhill to the end of the climb.

Other Information
Driving Distance from Portland 400 miles
Driving Time from Portland 7 hours
Expected Duration Car to car in two or more days
Relevant Books Hiking California's Trinity Alps Wildernessby Dennis Lewon The Trinity Alpsby Luther Linkhart
Relevant Maps Thompson Peak Quadrangle and Mount Hilton Quadrangle California <href="http: g0w4k"="""" maps="">Google map</href="http:>