Marcus Peak and The Palisades are scrambling peaks located on the NE side of Mt. Rainier. From the White River entrance, drive about 13 miles to Sunrise Point (6100') and park. Take the Palisades Lake Trail until reaching a sign for Hidden Lake. Turn left, follow the trail past the lake, and ascend to the saddle between Marcus and the Palisades. Turn left and follow the ridge (mostly to the right) to the summit block. Ascend blocky rock to the summit watching for loose rock. Return to the saddle and follow a short path through conifers heading east to an open meadow. Head north toward the Palisades up a gentle slope to about 6650'. Change bearing to 40-60 degrees and follow the most easy terrain to beyond the summit. Double back on the NW ridge to avoid thick vegetation. A strong party might also be able to scramble Brown and Slide Mountain.