Access to Peak 8913 starts at the Canyon Creek trail head at the end of Canyon Creek road on the south side of the Trinity Alps Wilderness. Hike north on the trail 6 miles to the fork with the Canyon Creek Boulder Lakes trail. After crossing Canyon Creek, a steep 2 mile hike ends at Boulder Lakes. Just before the lakes near good camping spots, hike NW up the steep slope towards Mt Hilton over (early season-high snow year) manzanita bushes or through the manzanita via a seasonal stream bed (late season-low snow). Leave the stream bed at around 1960 meters and hike 1/2 mile N on a rising traverse to 2200 meters. Cross a narrow ridge (possible camping sites), and hike another 1/2 mile while remaining on a 2200 meter contour until reaching another ridge line (Hilton Arete). Hike about 3/4 mile NW over permanent snow to a low spot on the ridge line at around 2500 meters (Grey rock Pass). Peak 8913 is the peak to the north. Topo maps suggest that a scramble ascent via the south ridge is possible. Descend the ascent route. The approach takes 2 days. The climb requires at least 3 night out. An ascent of Mt Hilton is possible as a side trip on the approach to peak 8913.

Other Information
Driving Distance from Portland 440 miles
Driving Time from Portland 9 hours
Expected Duration Car to car in two or more days
Relevant Maps Mt Hilton Quadrangle California-Trinity County 7.5 min series