from "Located in the Beartooth Range in the Rockies, Granite Peak is considered one of the most difficult highpoints in the lower 48 states. Climbing this Montana peak is difficult and should not be taken lightly. Certainly, it is not recommended for the novice peak bagger. Although climbing Granite as a day hike is possible (Reno did it!), most climb it as an overnighter using a high camp on Froze-To-Death Plateau or at Avalanche Lake. Eventually the route leads you to a point about 75' below the summit. Expect talus-strewn climbing, and serious boulder hopping on the way to the base of Granite Peak. The area is notorious for the nasty thunderstorms that are unpredictable especially on summer afternoons."

Other Information
Driving Time from Portland 48 hours
Expected Duration Car to car in two or more days
Relevant Maps Google map