This route ascend the Clear Creek drainage directly to the summit shoulder. There is little difficulty or danger here, except during avalanche conditions; route finding is very straightforward. Early season ascents and ski descents are popular.

This route can be completed car to car in one day, but overnight trips are more pleasant.​

Other Information
Driving Distance from Portland 375 miles
Driving Time from Portland 6 hours
General Route Info from summitpost Clear Creek is the standard route on the southeast face of Mount Shasta, though it remains far overshadowed by the heavily populated Avalanche Gulch route on the southwest side of the mountain. Clear Creek remains an excellent alternative to the latter as it hosts outstanding views, alpine meadows, deep Mud Creek Canyon, and it is far less populated than most of the routes leading out of Bunny Flat. This route is actually the least technical on the mountain, having a gentler slope than Avalanche Gulch for almost the entire ascent. Despite the easier terrain, however, beginning climbers flock to Avalanche Gulch out of habit, year-round access (Clear Creek is inaccessible in winter and early spring), and the easier drive to the trailhead (although the dirt road to Clear Creek is navigable by most any car and the total distance is only 12 miles further than Bunny Flat if coming from the south on Interstate 5). The route conditions vary considerably as the season progresses, ranging from nearly complete snow coverage from the trailhead to trails through scree for the entire route up the mountain. Parties climb it in all conditions, it just depends on your preferences. Very late in the season as fall approaches Clear Creek can even be the more popular alternative to Avalanche Gluch… following the correct use trails is fairly solid, the route isn’t subject to the late season rockfall that Avalanche Gulch has, and descending through the scree is much easier than the talus that appears on other routes. In mid to late season running water is available at Clear Creek Meadows, and there are comfortable camp locations ranging from 8300 feet to over 9900 feet on the route. Weather: Snow depth:
Expected Duration Car to car in two or more days
Relevant Books Climbing the Cascade Volcanoes by Jeff Smoot The Mt. Shasta Book by Selters and Zanger
Relevant Maps USGS 7 minute series, Mount Shasta Google map
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