The Tatoosh range, in Mt. Rain-Here Nat. Park, offers many popular outings for the beginning climber. The most popular Mazamas climbs in this area are a one day tour of Castle, Pinnacle and Plummer peaks, or a run up Unicorn. But the Tatoosh offers far more than these peaks. Chronic and committed peak-baggers willing to get off the beaten track a bit will find a more serious challenge. How about as many as 11 peaks in 2 days!? On day 1, you can tag Stevens, Unicorn, Boundary, Castle and Pinnacle, and the following day try Plummer, Denman, Lane, Wahpenayo, Chutla, and Eagle. It's possible to mix and match almost as many as you want, so you can make an outing as easy or rigorous as you like. In late season (after about mid June, most years), most or all of the snow will be gone and it'll be a rock scramble. If you try a more ambitious mix of peaks, be sure you are fit, comfortable on steep scree and moderate snow traverses, and ready for a day of cross country travel and moderate route finding challenges. Spectacular vistas of Mt. Rainier await you - on a clear day, of course. Rock shoes are not needed - ropes are for the rap from Unicorn and Castle. Ropes, harnesses, pro and helmets are not needed on Stevens, Boundary, Plummer, Denman, Lane, Wahpenayo, Chutla and Eagle. "Tatoosh" means 'nourishing breast " in the local native American language. Be sure to check the photo below and the links to for more.

Other Information
Driving Distance from Portland 160 miles
Driving Time from Portland 3 hours
Expected Duration Car to car in one day
Relevant Books <i> Cascade Alpine Guide: Columbia River to Stevens Pass </i> by Fred Beckey <i> 75 Scrambles in Washington </i> by Peggy Goldman
Relevant Maps USGS 7 minute series, Tatoosh Lakes and Mt. Rainier East; Green Trails: Mt Rainier East / Packwood <a href="" title="On the Mazama Climbing and Hiking map page ">On the Mazama Climbing and Hiking map page </a>