Mt. Ararat and Mt. Satulick are peaks located on the west side of Mt. Rainier at the edge of Indian Henry's Hunting Ground. From the Kautz Creek trail head, follow the trail northward to approximately 5230', ascend a gully to the south ridge of Ararat, and scramble to the summit. Descend back to the Kautz Creek trail and continue northward to Indian Henry's Hunting Ground. Turn south on the Wonderland Trail and descend to Devil's Dream camp. Follow a bearing to 214 degrees southwest toward Satulick and follow easiest terrain to the summit. Descend Satulick to the Wonderland Trail and descend 6 miles back to the Longmire-Paradise Road. A car shuttle is necessary to return to the Kautz Creek trail head and pick up the car(s) left there.

Other Information
Driving Distance from Portland 150 miles
Driving Time from Portland 3 hours
Expected Duration Car to car in one day
Relevant Books Guide to 100 Peaks at Mt. Rainier Cascade Alpine Guide, Vol. 1
Relevant Maps USGS Greentrails - Mt. Rainier West