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Mt. Shuksan is one of the highest non-volcanic peaks in the Northwest at 9,127 feet. A strikingly beautiful peak, it is the most frequently photographed mountain in the United States.

The Fisher Chimneys route is a more challenging way to access to the upper glaciers of Mount Shuksan. Starting on the other side of the mountain from the Sulphide Glacier, a scenic trail takes climbers past the beautiful Lake Ann to the base of the Lower Curtis Glacier. At this point the trail changes to interesting but doable third and fourth class climbing interspersed with exposed walking on talus and heathery benches. These are the Fisher Chimneys, and they climb through the middle section of the mountain to 6700 feet on the White Salmon Glacier, near an incredibly scenic high camp, with close up views of ice falls and the massive Mount Baker in the distance. From the high camp, there are snow climbing and crevasse rescue training venues. The climb to the summit traverses the Upper Curtis Glacier, through Hell's Highway, to gain the upper Sulphide Glacier and access to the summit pyramid. 

**Prefer ICS-trained climbers!!

It will be helpful if applicants can list who your BCEP climb leader is/was, if you are new to climbing!!!! Will consider strong BCEP graduates, if I have strong recommendation from your BCEP leaders.

For non-ICS graduate, crevasse rescue training is mandatory, if you wish to be considered for this climb!

Be mindful this is a mixed glacier and 4th class rock climb/scramble, a bit more challenging than the Sulphide Glacier route. The route will join the Sulphide route on the summit pyramid. This route is the one most often seen on photographs of Lake Ann. The Shuksan summit pinnacle is known for rockfalls.

You must have good physical fitness to be active all day in the mountains, multiple days in a row. You should be comfortable at heights and with exposure.

You must be comfortable with loose rocks and multiple rappelling stations on this route. The decision whether to fix line or to do a 4th class scramble is dependent on our comfort level and risk appetite.

Times: Estimated 2-3 hr trailhead to camp, 7-8 hr camp to summit.

**Extra point  - Who can get camping permit on Upper Curtis on 7/16 before main group come? Shoot me an email. 

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