Activity Notes

We will be covering Module 5 on March 19th: Fundamentals of Rock Climbing!

The schedule for the evening is:

6:00 PM     Doors Open

6:30 PM     Announcements/Introductions

6:45 PM     Fundamentals of Rock Climbing

7:45 PM     Breakout Session

9:15 PM     Clear the Building by 9:30 PM

By the end of the lecture and your rock field session, you should be able to (9th ed. FOTH pg #’s):

  • Demonstrate proper hand technique and correct setup and use of belay device. MAZ, 178-187
  • Demonstrate proper anchor connection with personal pro and clove hitch and belay setup for top rope or top of pitch belay. MAZ
  • Demonstrate proper device setup and sequence for rappelling. p. 204-222
  • Use proper body & hand position and techniques while rappelling. p. 215-221
  • Demonstrate proper voice command sequences while rappelling. p. 215-221
  • Provide a fireman’s belay. p.219
  • Describe techniques used basic 5th class climbing (body position, lie back, mantle, etc.) p. 227-250
  • Demonstrate proper technique for up and down climbing on low 5th class terrain. p. 227-250
  • Identify the proper locations to connect to an anchor (shelf or power point). MAZ
  • Attach to an anchor with personal pro and clove hitch. MAZ
  • Tie into the end of the rope for top rope climbing. p. 157
  • Use proper voice commands with a belayer in top rope climbing. MAZ
  • Connect to a horizontal or vertical fixed line with a prusik. p. 161, 267-268
  • Pass protection on a fixed line. MAZ + p.268
  • Set up an autoblock for a rappel. p. 218-219 and 162-163

For those using the 8th edition, your page numbers are pp. 134-172, 178-184, 188-207, 210-238.

Your team leaders will provide you with information RE the breakout sessions.

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