Activity Notes

This dramatic mountain directly east of Mt Rainier has a view of Mt Adams and the Goat Rocks (if there's not too much smoke in the air) as we ascend. The trail is in fairly good condition, though there were several downed trees to get around in 2021. Soon after Nelson Ridge, we'll see the peak we're climbing. There's a scramble trail to the top, and we will walk on no snow by this date. The climb will take about 8 hours as we travel 11 miles and ascend 3,900'.

We will car-camp for free the night before at the trailhead. It's at least a four hour drive from Portland, and we'll have a pre-climb meeting at 19:00, so please leave town no later than 14:00 Friday. Our climb will begin at 06:00 Saturday, and we'll turn around if we haven't reached the summit by 13:30.