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When you receive this activity email, respond ASAP to the hike leader, Lisa Ripps,, that you received the prospectus, can access the links and whether or not you plan to attend the hike or not.  Map will be sent separately due to a website issue

This is a BCEP Conditioning hike

Trail Head Pass: Northwest Forest Pass is required

Driving Directions:  We will then travel to the Dog Mountain trailhead & be ready to go at 8:00 AM. From the MMC, head East on Stark and turn left on 60th.  In a ½ mile, turn right and get onto I-84 East.  Stay on I-84 until Cascade Locks where you will take Exit 43.  Cross the Bridge of the Gods ($2.00 toll) and on the other side, turn right onto SR14.  Parking is on the North side of the road well past milepost 53.  Don’t leave anything in your car that you’d miss if stolen.  Round trip distance is about 104 miles.  There are pit toilet restrooms near the Dog Mountain trailhead. 


               Dog Mountain Hike Prospectus 

Meeting Time: 7:45 AM (Depart 8:00am sharp) Friday April 9th 2021

Meeting Place: Gravel parking area at Dog Mountain

Elevation Gain: aprox. 2900' feet

Distance: about 8 miles, depending on route

General Location: Columbia River Gorge

Dog Mountain is a very popular hike due to its easy access in the Gorge, beautiful views, and relatively short distance from Portland. This loop is known for prime wildflower viewing in the spring.

We’ll head up the steepest route and come down the more gently trail. Beware there is a lot of shrubby poison oak around the parking lot and the first two miles of the trial. Remember to bring your practice ropes. We will give you an opportunity to tie knots.  We will bring the team ropes which all students will get to share.

Please DO NOT leave anything visible in your car that would temp someone to break in

Directions to Dog Mountain Trailhead: 

Take I-84 out to Cascade Locks and cross the Bridge of the Gods into Washington ($2.00 toll). Turn right heading east on highway 14. Pass through the town of Stevenson then past Wind Mountain. The trailhead is at milepost 53. Turn off into the large dirt parking lot. (You will need a NW Forest Pass.) 


We will ascend Dog Mountain via the steepest route. On the trail at the end of the parking lot go about 0.6 miles to the junction which will put us on the steeper trail. Then we will go about 1.7 miles to a junction, from there we head uphill 0.5 miles to the lookout site (Little Puppy). Now about 0.5 miles to go. Head left along the ridge, stay right at the first trail junction and then take the path leading to the summit. We will plan descend the more gradual  Augspurger trail, about 4 miles back to the cars.  But depending on trail conditions we may need to change this. 

Maps: ‘Trails of the Columbia Gorge’ USFS, ‘Mt. Defiance’ USGS quad, please see below. 


As always, be prepared for all weather conditions: many thin layers, a waterproof shell and pants, an extra pair of socks, gloves and hat. If you have gaiters, you may consider wearing them as tick/poison oak precaution.   Please pack for all conditions. It can be very windy on top of Dog Mtn. (and I do mean WINDY and cold!)

Other Items: 

Please refer to the gear list below. Make sure to bring your practice rope, map and compass. We will be using them all. Since you are practicing, it is a good idea to start figuring out how you will pack your bag for a real climb, so start packing real equipment to add weight. Shoot for 3-5 pounds over what you took on  the Hamilton hike . You can add more weight with water (which is easy to empty if you decide to lighten your load at the top). A foam sit pad may come in handy at lunch and breaks. Bring along some shoes and clean clothes to leave in the car for the ride home, as well as a bag or tote for muddy boots/gear. Don’t forget munchies for along the trail, lunch and lots of water and or/ Gatorade (at least 2-3 liters; at least one liter should be water). 'Leader' treats are always welcome if they are individually wrapped or can be safely shared per Mazama COVID policy with the team.  ("leader treats" are intended to be shared with everyone, not just the leader)  They are always optional.


Emergency Phone numbers:<br> If the party is late in returning, concerned friends or relatives should first contact the Hike Leader - Lisa, at 971-678-9119.  If they cannot reach her, call the emergency contact Michael at 503-891-5562

As a last resort you can also call the Mazamas Clubrooms, at 503-227-2345. Please leave these numbers with someone responsible in town.<br> Mazamas emergency pager activation: 503-227-2345, ext 3 




If it doesn’t say (o = optional), please don’t show up without it. 

Gear :

In the car-

☐   A favorite beverage and snack (I like salty snacks like nuts or chips after hiking)

☐   Extra water, (or juice, soda, or coconut water etc)

☐  sandals or other comfortable shoes to wear home

☐   Change of dry socks

☐   cell phone charging cord (optional)

☐  chair is optional


Bring in my pack:

☐  COVID FACE MASK  (I bring 2-3 of them) I keep them on the outside of my pack 


The Ten Essential:  (hey, aren't these going to be on the final exam?)

☐  1)  Navigation  (map, compass, route description)

☐   2)  Headlamp  -test the batteries at home

☐   3)  Sun Protection  (Put sunscreen on at home)

☐  4)  First Aid kit  ( small one with only things you know how to use)

☐  5)  Knife        ( I bring a mini multitool -Leatherman type)

☐  6)  Fire Starter 

☐  7)  Shelter   (I bring a small, ultralight bivy sack.  You could use a space blanket)

☐  8)  Extra Food

☐  9)  Extra Water

☐  10)  Extra Clothing


☐   Day hike pack large enough to hold this gear, and a rope, and harness (30-50 liters)

☐  Trail guide ( copy of prospectus, and guidebook pages, and maps, keep in a ziplock bag)

☐  PARKING PERMIT for the area (NW forest pass for this one)

☐  Harness

☐  Helmet

☐  carabiners and ATC tubular (belay device)


☐  Pack of tissues

☐  Empty ziplock baggie (to hold trash)

☐  Hand sanitizer



☐  Water bottles ( Nalgene type and or water bladder) 2-3 liters (plus any extra you want for weight training

☐  Snacks you like ( chocolate, fruit chews, cheese, crackers,  sandwich, olives, carrots, granola bars, chips, candy bar, jelly beans, cookies, nuts, dried fruit etc)

☐   Anti blister kit  (you will discover what works for you)




☐  Cell phone (and I bring a back up battery pack)

☐  Watch ( waterproof)  Could use your phone if you prefer

☐   Camera (optional)

☐  Pen (waterproof)

☐  NotePad (waterproof type is best)

☐  Carabiners, Harness, Practice rope  (at least during class)

☐  Whistle

☐  Sunglasses 

☐  Sit pad (optional)

☐  Hiking Poles (optional but a really good idea on this hike)

☐  Rain pack cover (optional depending on weather)

☐  Lip balm with sunscreen in it (optional)




☐  Wool hat or beanie cap

☐  Baseball hat with a brim (rain and sun protection)

☐  Hiking Pants (not cotton which absorbs rain and sweat and can leave you hypothermic) or  shorts in summer, or zip-off pants in summer (remember ticks and poison oak live in the gorge)

☐  Neck warmer or Buff  (optional if cold out)

☐  Gaiters to keep socks clean and dry, and keep ticks out (optional)

☐  Long sleeve pullover (fleece top)

☐   Synthetic T-shirt or wool T-shirt

☐  Quick dry long sleeve shirt (sun and bug protection)

☐  Bandana

☐  Wool socks or 2 layer socks to reduce risk of blisters (you may have to experiment to see what works for you)

☐   Gloves 

☐   Mittens, (optional if cold out)

☐  Gortex jacket (or other waterproof material)

☐  Gortex rain pants (optional)

☐  Hiking Boots or short hikers depending on the risk of mud, snow, and the situation


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