Thompson Peak is the highest of the Sawtooth Range - described as the crown jewel of Idaho's many mountain ranges. Despite gaining slowly in popularity, the region retains a pristine and uncrowded nature. Views from the top of Thompson Peak are said to be spectacular.

Activity Notes

Mt Thompson, the highest peak in Idaho's Sawtooth Range, is an off-trail scramble via the South Couloir route. Our trailhead is at Redfish Lake, a nine-hour drive from Portland. Due to Saturday's stormy forecast, this is now a day climb on Fri 9/18/2020. The day may feature smoky haze in the morning, part sun in the afternoon, and a small chance of rain. We will car-camp Thursday and Friday nights at Redfish Lake, with expected costs of $40 per vehicle. Our travel days to/from Portland will be Thu 9/17/2020 and Sat 9/19/2020. Bring all the required gear--climbing helmets are a must!--plus face masks and hand sanitizer.

Other Information
Driving Distance from Portland 540 miles
Driving Time from Portland 9 hours
Expected Duration Car to car in two or more days
Relevant Maps MyTopo