Various Lectures

Activity Notes

Andy Nuttbrock will be giving the first Crevasse Rescue lecture next Tuesday. Yay!

Following is additional information re: this lecture and what you need to do to prepare:

Before next Tuesday's lecture:

For next Tuesday evening:

  • Please make sure to be on time, or early if you can swing it. There is going to be a bunch of information thrown at you. A new skill will be presented, and the more we can get done before the lecture, the more time we will have for hands-on practice.
  • Please bring all your gear: Ice axe, harness, prusik cords, carabiners, slings, anchor materials, ATC/belay device, ropes, pack, gloves, etc. If you have pulleys, please bring them. If not, don't worry as this can all be done with the gear you already have.
  • When you arrive, please get into groups of 4. Get your harness on and find an anchor location under the heaters and set up a single runner (or equivalent) on each bolt. (Assistants will be there to help you through this).
  • Flake the rope and set up for 4 climbers about 6 meters apart. (This is to save space).
  • Once you are done with this, have a seat and we will begin.