During the practice session at the MMC you will have the opportunity to get familiar with basic rock gear and basic rock skills. You'll practice getting into your harness, how to setup your harness, how to tie into the climbing rope, in addition to belaying, rappelling, and ascending a fixed line. This will be done within your BCEP team on the MMC instructional rock walls.

Activity Notes

During this field session, we will use the Mazamas indoor teaching space to practice the basic belaying and rappelling techniques and protection systems that we will use in future field sessions.

Link to prospectus for field session.

Message from Damon:

All,<br> Despite the recent BCEP changes, we are still having our first field session this Saturday at the MMC! We have the auditorium from 1-4 PM, but need to make sure everyone is prepared beforehand so please show up by 12:30 so we can double check gear and help you get your prusik cords cut and tied (practice your double fisherman knots!). You will need all the equipment outlined in the prospectus (linked above), so double check that you have everything. A printed copy of the prospectus will be useful for reference throughout the day.

<br> It is highly recommended to be familiar with the knots listed on page 1 of the student handbook for the field session; there will be a lot of new information to absorb as is, so having your knots dialed will be helpful. The student handbook has a couple of great learning references.

<br> If you have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out to Dick, Richard, or myself.

Other Information
Expected Duration Car to car in one day