Activity Notes

Goat Island Mountain is a very elongated high ridge on the northeastern flank of Mount Rainier. It is called Goat "Island" because during the Little Ice Age, the mountain was surrounded by a much expanded Emmons Glacier on its north, and a much longer Frying Pan Glacier to its south. Today, it is no longer an island, but it still feels like one, being surrounnded by the Sunrise area of Mount Rainier National Park on its north, Mount Rainier and Little Tahoma to the west, and Meany Crest, Banshee Peak, and the Cowlitz Chimneys to the south.

All in all, this is a moderate scramble to a mountain that is very well-positioned to provide great views in all directions. While it is a technically easy climb and is of moderate physical difficulty, this mountain is probably not climbed very often. You should expect to have this summit to yourself.

About 10 miles and 3500 feet elevation gain total.

You probably need to camp the night before (friday)  climb somewhere in Rainier park area (as it is a 3 hour drive from Portland). I am doing  a climb the next day (Castle pinnacle plummer) and will give preference to those applying for both climbs.