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We Climb High Vol. 2

Advanced Rock 2022

AR_SmithRock Photo: Andrew Holman
Advanced Rock 2022

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Advanced Rock 2022
Advanced Rock 2022

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What is BCEP?

BCEP is the Mazama Basic Climbing Education Program that teaches beginner snow and rock skills.

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What is AR?

AR is our Advanced Rock program that teaches Trad Climbing.

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Wim Aarts

Have done some kayaking, climbing, skimountaineering,hiking, biking, expeditioning, canyoneering and other trashing adventures

Starting in 1988 in the German Alpine Society I started Skimountaineering. Soon ...

View Profile ›
Amy Graham

Outside of climbing, I enjoy playing tennis, biking, strength training, spending time with family and friends and traveling around the world. I like a good ...

View Profile ›
Tim Scott

I climbed South Sister and then joined the Mazamas in 1998. Since then, I've met a lot of great people climbing throughout the PNW, with ...

View Profile ›
Shirley Welch

I joined the Mazamas in 1982 and went through BCEP, ICS and what was then the Advanced Program (both rock and high angle snow). From ...

View Profile ›
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Forbidden Peak
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Join the Mazamas and clip into a centennial legacy in mountaineering. Learn new skills and participate in exciting adventures, all while advancing the causes of conservation & community in the great Pacific Northwest