Join Thomas McCormack as he shares stories from his travels in the Chugoku and Kansai region of SW Japan. He will begin with a major league baseball game in Fukuoka and a bullet train ride along the Inland Sea to the Aioi Bridge (ground zero) in Hiroshima, followed by another dash past fields of green rice at 180 mph to famous temples and gardens in Kyoto—Higashi Honganji, Tofukuji, Kiyomizu-dera, Koetsuji, and Eikando. A 45-degree cogwheel train up Mt. Hiei to the historic Enryakuji complex, then south into the heart of Kansai and the towering Buddha at Todaiji in Nara, and a walk past men fishing the Uji River to Koshoji and Byodoin. Finally, a return to the north edge of Kyoto to sit in the lotus posture all day long at Seitaian hermitage in Gentaku.


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