In May of 2019, Mazama members Sue Brickey and Rick Pope joined a small guided group to South America led by Active Adventures. In addition to visiting Cuzco and Machu Picchu, they trekked through the Lares Valley seeing only local people along the way. Mountain biking in the Sacred Valley led past ancient ruins and a wildlife refuge. Two days were spent in the Amazonian basin exploring the rich diversity of wildlife, then it was back to 12,000 feet and the shores of Lake Titicaca. Both the Peruvian and Bolivian sides were visited by motor boat, reed boat, kayak and on foot. A short flight led to the Uyuni desert, the largest salt flat in the world where local salt production was observed and unique cactus islands awaited. A final stop in La Paz, plus a hike at 16,000 feet on nearby peak Huayna Potosí, rounded out the trip.