<br> This will be another open session; no need to RSVP. Will run from 5:30-8pm on 1/13/2022. Show up whenever best fits your schedule.

Practice will be mostly self-directed, although we may have suggestions for things to work on. Some classics:<br> * Descenders: adjusting the friction & locking off.<br> * Ascending: Try your hand at frogging.<br> * Self-rescue: ascending & transitions. Ascenders or friction hitches.<br> * Knot passing: a great way to train for mid-rope maneuvers.<br> * Lowering: practice lowering and being lowered.<br> * Use of a munter hitch releasable instead of figure-8 block.<br> * Rigging retrievable safety lines.<br> * Knotwork: Valdotain Tresse, asymmetric prusiks, frost knot, etc.<br> * Rigging bolts: linked & unlinked.

Please bring all the usual gear including helmet, harness, ascension systems, some webbing & quick links, etc. We will have a limited supply of gear to borrow.

Please let us know if you have any questions. Hope to see you there!<br> We will follow all COVID regs at the MMC<br>  


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