Wy'east is the original name for Mt. Hood, given by the people of the Multnomah tribe who first inhabited the area.

Mt. Hood is one of the most popular recreation destinations in the Portland area, surpassed only by the Columbia River Gorge. More than 10,000 people attempt to summit Mt. Hood each year, making it the most visited snow-covered peak in America. Tens of thousands more seek solace on the hundreds of miles of trails snaking their way around the mountain. There are a few very popular places like Ramona Falls, Paradise Park, and McNeil Point, where everyone tends to gather.

Join Regis Krug, who has hiked nearly every trail on Mt. Hood for a trip around the mountain to learn about the extensive trail system and get some ideas for your next hike away from the crowds. Register for Regis' presentation here: https://us02web.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZYrf-6uqTwvG9SQw1kpVCzfY_DOLjEGMGol.