Climb Leader Training High Angle Rescue

Activity Notes

This Practice Module is an optional evening guided practice at the MMC for climb leaders who need to recertify their High Angle Rescue badge.  This is a time to get on the wall with a partner and work through all the required skills with support from an instructor and fellow class participants.  There is no limit to the number of times a participant can attend a Practice Module.  

This practice session is designed for participants who have previously been trained in high angle rescue and need a chance to practice before recertifying.

Prior to the practice session, you must complete the online Instruction Module.  This instruction will be delivered via Google Classroom and you can work through the videos, articles, and practice at your own pace.  You will receive the Google Classroom link once you are accepted into the Practice Module.  Expect the Instruction Module to take 2-4 hours on work at home prior to the assessment.

Masks - because we will be working together in close proximity on the wall, we kindly request that you wear a mask during this session.

Skills practiced during Practice Module:

  1. Go hands free (with whatever device you use)
  2. Release a loaded plaquette (using any acceptable method with backup)
  3. Ascend a rope (using whatever method you use)
  4. Rescue a leader or stuck climber (ascend, pick-off, and counter-balanced rappel only, anchor reinforcement not required as basic skill)
  5. Rescue a follower using a counter-balanced rappel pick-off
  6. Raise a climber (mechanical advantage systems)
  7. Assist a fellow climber using a tandem rappel
  8. Isolate a damaged strand (preferred to passing a knot on rappel whenever possible)


Click here for skills practice checklist