Activity Notes

Sentinel Peak resides in the Olympic Mountains on the divide between the Dosewallips and Elwha Rivers. It is easily accessed from Hayden Pass. The challenge will be the elevation gain and loss in the approach. This multi-day backpack will start in the North at Deer Park, dropping into the Cameron Creek valley. We will then regain what we lost by ascending up to Cameron Pass, then dropping down to the Dosewallips River, where we will set up base camp. If time, energy, and conditions are on our side, our summit day may include the Thousand Acre Meadow and Mt. Claywood. We will return the way we came, with the last four miles ascending back up to Deer Park.


This outing is exploratory, the Climb Leader has not climbed this peak before.

There is potentially a permit fee for this climb.

Here is the general plan:

Day One: Meet at Deer Park, hike to Lower Cameron campsite (8.75 miles, 2357 ft gain)

Day Two: Lower Cameron to Dose Meadows (8.0 miles, 3775 ft gain)

Day Three: Summit Day, hike up to Hayden Pass and then on to Sentinel Peak (2.4 miles, 2140 ft gain) plus others?

Day Four: Dose Meadows to Lower Cameron (8.8 miles, 2910 ft gain)

Day Five: Lower Cameron to Deer Park (8.75, 4144 ft gain)