Activity Notes

Starting from Multnomah Falls, we'll hike the newly reopened Larch Mountain Trail toward a 0.1 mile trail with Christmas ornaments hanging from the trees. Hikers who are drawn to add to the collection are encouraged to bring a weather-friendly ornament and something to hang it with. We'll go from there to lunch outside the Trails Club's Nesika Lodge. After lunch, we will visit the Columbia Gorge overlook at Waespe Point and then return the way we came, likely facing more folks who have come to admire the famous falls.

Before all hikes and climbs I lead, I draw attention to the indigenous peoples on whose ancestral lands we recreate.

Folks who are fully vaccinated against COVID and who are willing to wear masks for the short ride to/from Multnomah Falls are welcome to gather 08:00 at Gateway Transit Center to join or form a carpool. We will start our hike 08:45 in front of the Multnomah Falls restroom.


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