This is the first field session for the Nordic Ski School.

Activity Notes

The plan: Leave town at 6:30. 

Final call is no change  (1/28 3:40pm) 

The Place: Teacup Nordic Center

The meeting spot:  Once you park in the parking lot head to the warming hut. (lots of maps). Behind the outhouses there's an opening in the trees.  Let's meet there.  

The Weather / Conditions:  The only thing that would change Saturday to no go is if the forecast no longer showed warming temperatures.  I use NOAA for weather and Teacup's instagram page (lol). The morning is likely to be icy and crusty so take caution in the parking lot and the trail heading to the hut.  Expect a fair amount of standing around in the morning but the afternoon could get as warm as 48 so definitely think in layers.

Sunglasses and Sunblock.

Fun!  See you Saturday and drive safe. Text me if you can't make it and I will send a group text tomorrow that will likely say - no change - by 5pm.

(only if you're interested: Teacup uses this free app for its map that you can download: