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   Snake Dogs MMC Prospectus

Date: Friday 3/09/20 Meet Time: 6:00 pm (Assistants 5:30pm)

Meet At: Mazamas Mountaineering Center

527 SE 43rd Ave Portland, OR 97215

Time 6pm-10pm. We would like to be as efficient as possible moving through the stations and will hopefully be out of the MMC by 9:00pm.

Skills: We are going to focus on these skills:

❏ Knots

❏ Belay from above

❏ Belay from below

❏ Rappel

❏ Ascending a rope

❏ Fixed line travel

What you need to bring:

❏ Prospectus

❏ Practice rope

❏ Harness

❏ Belay device/ATC

❏ 2 Prusiks (waist and leg)

❏ Hollowblock

❏ Personal protection leash (x2)

❏ 1 large HMS locking carabiner

❏ 2 standard size locking carabiners

❏ 2 standard non-locking carabiners

❏ Helmet

In addition to the above list, assistants should bring:

❏ Quickdraws/slings for fixed lines

❏ Biners for rappel anchors

❏ Non-locking biners

❏ Mazamas ropes

Skills Practice Outline: Station #1: Knots (with practice rope and cord for prusiks)

❏ Flake a rope + butterfly coil

❏ Knot practice

❏ Overhand

❏ Figure eight

❏ Rewoven figure eight

❏ Double fisherman’s

❏ Prusik hitch

❏ Clove hitch

❏ Girth hitch

❏ Munter hitch

Station #2: Belay from above:

❏ Leader/ICS student setup plus two assistants

❏ One student climbs to top, belays in follower and then moves to Station #3, follower becomes next belayer

❏ Belayer remains tied-in with clove-hitch and personal pro

❏ Take in slack (climber “that’s me”) and prepare ATC

❏ Belay follower using proper PBOS (assistant back up)

❏ Catch fall (assistant back up)

❏ Instruct follower on clipping into the anchor

❏ Properly use voice commands

Station #3: Rappel

❏ Leader/ICS student setup plus one assistant

❏ Student will move from Station #2 after belaying a follower and rappel down

❏ Clip into anchor using personal pro

❏ Tie autoblock

❏ Feed rope through ATC

❏ Perform BARK

❏ Weight system

❏ Keep brake hand on + remove personal pro

❏ Rappel to ground

❏ Properly use voice commands

Station #4: Belay from below (AKA Slingshot Belay, AKA Top-Rope Belay)

❏ Leader/ICS student setup plus one assistant

❏ Two student pairs (one climber, one belayer and switch)

❏ Clip into a ground anchor using clove-hitch and personal pro

❏ Take in slack, prep ATC

❏ Perform safety check

❏ Properly use voice commands

❏ Belay climber using PBUS + perform catch, take and lower with assistant back up

Station #5: Ascend the rope

❏ One assistant to demonstrate

❏ Ensure proper cord lengths and fit for prusik

❏ Ascend the rope using waist and leg prusiks

Station #6: Fixed-line travel

❏ 2 assistants

❏ Attach to rope with prusik

❏ Pass protection without unclipping from rope

❏ Practice with 2-3 students 

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