During the practice session at the MMC you will have the opportunity to get familiar with basic rock gear and basic rock skills. You'll practice getting into your harness, how to setup your harness, how to tie into the climbing rope, in addition to belaying, rappelling, and ascending a fixed line. This will be done within your BCEP team on the MMC instructional rock walls.

Activity Notes

A HELMET IS REQUIRED FOR THIS SESSION.  Only certified climbing helmets are acceptable (no bike or ski helmets or construction hardhats!).  During this field session, we will use the Mazamas indoor teaching space to practice the basic belaying and rappelling techniques and protection sytems that we will use in future field sessions.  Students bring all required gear to the first class: climbing harness, climbing helmet, 1 belay device, 1 large carabiner, 2 small locking carabiners, 3 medium carabiners, 2 non-locking carabiners, 2 4-foot sewn NYLON runners, 24 FT 5 or 6 mm accessory cord

Other Information
Expected Duration Car to car in one day