Activity Notes

Link to printable prospectus for both days!


Start Time:

Instructors = 7:15 AM

Students = 8:00 AM

The following are the minimum expectations each student should meet by the end of the session:

  • High Priority 1 - Be proficient at passing a knot while on rappel 
  • High Priority 2 - Be proficient at escaping a belay 
  • High Priority 3 - Be proficient at belaying and lowering a climber from an auto-blocking belay device and appropriate back up
  • Medium Priority 1 - Be proficient at building simple rappel anchors on natural pro 
  • Medium Priority 2 - Be proficient at building top rope and lead belay anchors using trad gear

After being proficient in the primary skills above, find an assistant and practice whichever other skill you feel you need the most practice with:

  • Anchors: Ground anchors, top rope anchors, rappel anchors, fixed line anchors, etc. 
  • Belay: Lead belay from ground, lead belay while hanging, lead belay with non-dominant hand 
  • Fixed Lines: Practice building a fixed line appropriate for moderate 4th class terrain 
  • Gear: Tri-cam placements, Ball-Nut placements, Big Bro placements, etc. 
  • Knots & Hitches: Kleimheist, Triple-Clove, Super Munter, Bowline variations, etc. 
  • Rappel: Tandem/spider rappel, carabiner block rappel (must be backed up with figure 8), etc. 
  • Rescue: Same primary scenarios, but with a Purcell Prusik or other variation

Pass the Knot Station 

___ Rappel down to a knot and safely pass the knot while wearing a backpack Context: Can be rigged as standard or extended rappel. Can be solved with Munter Mule, Purcell Prussik, or by using Prusiks to ascend & descend the rope.

Rappel Station 

___ Tandem (rescue) Rappel 

___ Convert Extended Rappel to Ascend 

___ Saddle-bag and other variance as time allows (optional) 

___ Other set-ups as time allows (optional) 

Lead Belay Station 

___ Hanging lead belay

Escape the Belay Station 

___ Top rope belay with proper ground anchor, then escape the belay keeping an open system at all times. Lower using an appropriate backup.

Belay & Lower Station 

___ Belay and lower off the anchor using an auto-blocking belay device and appropriate back up


ALL anchors will be inspected by a Climb Leader/ AR grad before EACH use.<br> Helmets will be worn at all times during the field session.<br> Personal Protection will be used whenever you are within a body's length of an edge.<br> If you need to leave please check with the coordinator before you do so. - Everyone will sign in and sign out.<br> PRINT & BRING PROSPECTUS w/ pen/pencil for Instructor sign-off & time stamp<br> All rappels will be backed up with either an auto-block method or a fireman's belay.<br> Keep an eye out for poison oak and ticks (Technu is a preventative)<br> Please note there will be no scheduled lunch breaks. Eat & drink between stations.


Horsethief is known for loose rock and rocks have fallen from commonly climbed routes.<br> Check and recheck all anchor placements for rock soundness.<br> Do NOT use single crack anchor setup in situations where you cannot see if the rock is at least a large refrigerator size.<br> Students and Leaders alike are expected *in real time* to voice safety concerns. <br> If needed, call the session coordinator (phone number atop prospectus). 

Carpool Sign-up: There is a 20 vehicle limit and heavily enforced by the WA state park rangers. Additional parking is at Crawford Oaks Trailhead and at the Columbia Hills State park (see links below). Highway parking no longer allowed.

REQUIRED PERMIT: Discover Pass -- Annual pass: $30 One-day pass: $10 Cash or Check at trailhead

Horsethief Butte Parking Lot

Overflow Parking Lot A

Overflow Parking Lot B

Student Gear List (for the weekend)

Instructor Gear List (for the weekend)


The Mazamas does not condone or tolerate harassment in connection with any of its programs or activities. The Mazamas is committed to maintaining an environment of respect for its members and everyone who participate in our activities, free of harassment of any kind including harassment based on sex, race, national origin, religion, age, disability, sexual orientation, or other factors, which do not affect the safety of the participants in Mazamas activities. 

This policy applies to actions by any member or participant toward another, including in the capacity of a leader, instructor, volunteer, employee, or officer. Anyone who believes he or she has experienced harassment should report the conduct to our staff using the incident reporting form (link below). Persons who violate this policy may be denied the opportunity to participate in Mazama activities and/or may have their membership status restricted or terminated.

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