Activity Notes

NOTE: Weather make up date: Wed, Feb 20th, 6:30 pm - 9:30 pm

This is an activity to teach skills to an established climb team for a particular Mazama climb. If you are interested in an Introduction to Rope Team Travel, you're welcome to join us, but also please contact the leader.


Introduction to Rope Team Travel

Location: Mt. Tabor

This activity is designed to teach a participant how to be an effective rope team member that would be navigating, and protecting snow slopes in the alpine. This activity will teach you clip through protection/pickets, how to clean snow pickets, but not how to place pickets. It does NOT cover "Glacier Travel" related topics (e.g. crevasse rescue, ascending a rope).

Prerequisites Skills/Knowledge: be able to put on a harness, have prior knowledge and experience with moderate snow slope crampons/axe techniques including self-belay, and self-arrest.

Gear required: harness, ice axe, leash for axe, gloves, two (2) locking carabiners.

Activity prospectus:

  • overview of rope team travel
  • related skills: crampons / axe / self-arrest
  • harness up
  • rope: numbers / spacing / divide the rope / tying-in
  • quick-belay: secure, and fast
  • introduction to pickets: slings, racking, cleaning
  • clipping through protection
  • team communication
  • moving together: minding the rope slack
  • "reset" gathers everyone at an anchor
  • "running-belay" puts it all together
  • team practice: ascending, traversing, descending slopes


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