Activity Notes

April 12th PM update:

Bad news: The conditions on Mt Hood are not safe for us to climb there.

Good news: We are not canceling!  Instead we are pivoting to a gorge hike, still with an alpine start and the opportunity to experience hiking by headlight in the dark.


Pack our trekking poles and packs the night before so when we meet at the trailhead we can take off.

Meet at Angels Rest trailhead, upper parking lot (its walking distance up the road from the standard paved parking lot) at 3:45 AM

We will gather and leave the TH by 4:00.  Our plan is a slow but steady hike up to the summit.  This will a good chance to practice having snacks handy in pockets or fanny packs so we nibble as we hike. 

Please start pre-hydrating Thursday AM and try to get in an extra 1-2 liters of water the day before.


  • You will not need crampons or ice axes
  • Please bring hiking poles
  • Your potluck items from the spreadsheet (if you haven't signed up yet please do so)
  • a camp chair or something to sit on
  • warm clothing for sitting outside after the hike (it gets cold if you are not moving)
  • an insulated mug for coffee/tea/cider/juice
  • The other gear items on the prospectus


Lisa and Duncan will be doing the cooking for you'all.

I see we have 2 dozen eggs on the food list. - Thats too many!

Gluten-free eaters - please text Amanda to coordinate with her.  She will be bringing a gluten-free pan to cook in.


April 11 Update:  Change start day/time to April 14, 3:45 AM.  Added NOAA weather link.  NOAA shows that there will be a foot of new snow falling over the next 36 hours.  NOAA 7300 foot forecast is tracking with the latest Mt Hood Meadow weather station shows that temps will not rise above 24 deg F from now through Friday.  Added goggles to gear list

BCEP Team 22 Angels Rest Conditioning and skills practice hike.  This will involve an "Alpine Start" (AKA fully packing the day before and getting up in the middle of the night to be at trailhead in the gorge well before sunrise). This will be a one-day hike. 

You will need a headlight and a back-up light. (no, your phone does not count as a backup light).  If you don't own one, please let the leaders know ASAP.  Please check your headlight works at home and replace the batteries and bring an extra set of either AA or AAA batteries as needed. You will need to clip your headlight to your helmet at home because it's very hard to do in the dark!

Here's a video showing how to do it:

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