Hike Leader Profiles

Gary Bishop

Born and raised in Portland I feel very fortunate to have the wonderful Pacific Northwest in my backyard. I've been a Climb Leader since 2012, ...

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Sherry Bourdin

Hike Leader sine 2002

Mazama Outing Leader

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Bob Breivogel

I joined Mazamas in 1982, started leading climbs in 1988. Nearly 300 Mazama climb leads, including all the 16 peaks. I also have lead over ...

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Rex Breunsbach

I like to hike. A Mazama since 2011.

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Susan Brickey

Love being in the out of doors. Enjoy both being alone in nature and sharing it's beauty and wonder with others. Trained as an Oregon ...

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Alice Brocoum

Love to hike, also enjoy painting and reading...

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Ellen Burns

I am a retired Registered Nurse who likes to spend time outdoors. Hiking is my favorite outdoor activity, followed by kayaking and biking. I joined ...

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Juanfran Carceles

From Spain, I came in August 2017. I will be teaching in Hillsboro for a few years. I love hiking, climbing, skiing, mountain biking, road ...

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Taylor Courier
  • Summer 2016 BCEP graduate. 2017 and 2018 assistant for SnakeDogs BCEP team (Shane Harlson / Rico Micallef).
  • Hike Leader for Adventurous Young Mazamas (AYM) since ...
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Rick Craycraft

I've been a Mazama member for 30 years. I have climbed consistently most of that time. I consider myself a "middle level" climber. I have ...

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Toby Tyler

Mazamas and NOLS grad. Always up for an adventure! 🍺

  • Climb Leader Development, 2018
  • ICS 2017-18 grad
  • Mazamas Hike Leader
  • Love to blaze trail in new areas
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Tom Davidson

Who am I? – Well I’ve been a member of the Mazamas since 2002 and, after retiring, went crazy hiking and then figuring out climbing ...

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Keith Dechant

AYM hike leader and committee member. Explorer of obscure places. I've been to 29 countries and 49 US states. I've climbed one of the seven ...

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William (Bill) Dewsnap

I’ve been a Mazama since 1983. I’m a current Outing & Hike Leader and past Climb Leader.

I have taken Basic, Intermediate & Advanced Climbing ...

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Sue Dimin
  • basic climbing school 1994
  • Assistant with BCEP about 15 years
  • ICS 1996 and 2001
  • Hike leader
  • on several committees over the years including outings, banquet and steering
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Thomas Dodson

I have been climbing since age 17 and learned to climb from a friend who I met after he returned from Denali. We climbed mostly ...

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Kate Evans

The Mazamas have been an important part of my life since 1994. I have hiked and climbed, including the 16 Peaks, and taken classes: ICS, ...

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Jay Feldman

Prior to moving to the NW I lived for many years on Oahu and led hikes as a member of the Hawaiian Trail and Mountain ...

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Dyanne Foster

I have enjoyed climbing with Mazamas for many years, after loving my first climb on Hood and became hooked. I love to hike in the ...

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Mark Fowler

Have been active in the outdoors most of my life, Mainly focus on hiking and mountain climbing today.

Mazamas Hike leader

Recent outdoor activities

  • Private ...
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David Gast

I retired recently and am loving having more time to spend in the outdoors. I enjoy leading hikes with Mazamas and helping others experience the ...

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Richard Getgen

I have led over 1,100 Mazama hikes. I have hiked over 13,000 miles with the Mazamas. My two rules are it "never rains" on my ...

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Bruce Giordano

I became a Mazama in 2006 and took BCEP in 2007. I have also been a Mazama Hike Leader since May of 2017. I regularly ...

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Nancy Goering

I joined the Mazamas in 1999 when my climb leader boyfriend (now husband), Dan Schuster, convinced me to take basic school. I've enjoyed many A ...

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David Grabin

I'm a transplant from NY that's been living in Portland for the past two years. I am a high school social studies teacher and recent ...

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Eric Hall

Legendary hiker, climber, backpacker, paddler, trout bum and friend to the woodland creatures. First climbed with Mazamas in 1986. Joined in 2006. Hike leader since ...

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Martin Hanson

Started hiking late in life (48 years old) and loved the gorge so much it inspired me to do more. Climbed South Sister on the ...

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Shane Harlson

I’m a transplant from the Midwest. Came over here for school in 2003, and haven’t left since. I discovered the Mazamas in 2010, and it’s ...

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Anne Harris

I count myself lucky to have been born and raised in SLC, UT where outdoor activities were out my back door. I enjoyed a childhood ...

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Sojo Hendrix

I moved to Portland from Atlanta in 2003 following a 2001 thru-hike of the Appalachian Trail. I had met two fellow thru-hikers who were from ...

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Steve Hooker

Retired SVP & CFO, Regence Blue Cross Blue Shield

2003-09 Leukemia & Lymphoma Society National Board, Chair 2008-10

2011-14 Mazama Foundation Board, Chair 2013-14

2014-17 ...

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Aaron Johnson

Born and raised in California and then 6 years in Boston, 1 year in England and now more than 10 years in Oregon. I've picked ...

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Megan Johnson

I've lived in Portland since August 2010 and the main reason I moved here from the Midwest is to get outside in the mountains. I ...

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Mike Kacmar

I like leading big trips and long day hikes, hours from Portland, to offer participants something original. You also get to know people on a ...

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Regis Krug

Hike Leader, avid hiker/backpacker. Winter is my favorite time to hit the trails. I'd much rather hike when it's 10 degrees than when it is ...

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Reuel Kurzet

Personal Information: I enjoy hiking, climbing, yoga, Pilates, exploring neighborhoods (on foot or by bike), reading, watercolor painting, studying foreign languages, and travel.

I like ...

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Dirk Lakeman

I am in the process of becoming an "A" climb leader. I am very excited to help new Mazama climbers experience the mountains I love ...

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Lesley Langan

Loved my years as a middle school counselor for PPS. After retiring, hired as an adjunct for Lewis and Clark College's graduate counseling education program ...

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Sándor Lau

The Eagle Scout and Fulbright Scholar your mother warned you about. The only Chinese-Hungarian-American-New Zealander. Adventurous Young Mazamas committee 2015-present. Led over 100 hikes with ...

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Jason Linse

Always searching for a new adventure.... Hiking, Climbing, Kayaking, Mountain bikes, Motocross and general adventuring... Oh ya! "There's no bad weather, just bad clothes"

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Meg Linza

I've been a Mazama member since taking BCEP 27 years ago. I enjoy backpacking, hiking and leading. I'm especially interested in multi-day hikes/adventures. Recent Trail ...

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Kelly Marlin

Hi. My name is Kelly. I joined the Mazamas in 1996, took BCEP in 2001, ICS in 2001 /2002 and have climbed a few peaks. ...

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Sarah Miller

casual climber; multi-day backpacker. Canadian Rockies enthusiast, etc etc.

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Brett Nair

I started hiking with the Mazamas in the mid-2000s. I joined in 2008 and took BCEP in 2010 with Bill McLaughlin. Go Snakes!

I am ...

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Prasanna Narendran

I love the mountains and would grab any opportunity to go climb/hike one. Been in the PNW for the 3+ years and love it to ...

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Patricia Neighbor

Yo; I hike, climb, raft, ski, and backpack. I grew up in a family that hiked and fished. Motivated to be with other people and ...

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David Nelson

I have been a Mazama member since 1990. I’m a previous Climb Leader and enjoyed climbing for several years. I am now exploring the vast ...

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William O'Brien

Originally from Cleveland Heights Ohio have lived in Portland area since 2007.

Joined Mazamas in 2009.

I am a Mazama hike leader and enjoy the ...

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Ken Park

Prior to being involved in the Mazamas, most of my outdoor experience had been hiking in Southern California. Joining the Mazamas and taking the BCEP ...

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Richard Pope

Trail maintenance volunteer since 1990, Basic First Aid/CPR current, USFS Crosscut Saw class B certified, qualified hike leader

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Matt Reeder

I've spent my life in search of wandering trails, thunderous waterfalls and spectacular views. When I was young my parents and I moved from Illinois ...

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Gary Riggs

"Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined." -- Henry David Thoreau

Up until now: I've always loved the ...

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Kirk Rohrig

I'm a native of Flagstaff, Arizona who grew up rafting the great canyons of the Southwest, I moved to Oregon 12 years ago and have ...

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Adam Russell

Avid runner/ultra-runner that has a high tolerance for sufferfests. I enjoy combining running and climbing into a single long-distance endurance activity. Husband and newly minted ...

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Richard Sandefur

I joined the Mazamas after circumnavigating the world on a sailboat and travelling out of the country for much of 14 years.

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Lauren Sankovitch

AYM Hike Leader, former Girl Scout leader and back in school for Geology!

I am an avid sport climber (learning trad!), mountaineer, skier and hiker. ...

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Angela Schaefer

I love to hike regularly with Mazamas and became a hike leader in 2016.

I've completed: Mt. St. Helens in 2014, South Sister in ...

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James Selby

Grew up in Midwest doing more canoeing than hiking. Lived in Smoky Mountains 8 years and led hikes there and in Pisgah National Forest. Started ...

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Terry Sherbeck

Joined in 2002.

I have led many hikes, rambles and snowshoes along with several RTMs over the years.

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Leslie Shotola

Climbing Experience/Resume:

  • South Sister, Devil's Lake, 9/6/12, Lori Freeman & Larry Beck, team member
  • Mt. St. Helens, Monitor Ridge, 6/19/13 (private climb)
  • Mt. Thielsen, West Ridge, 8/24/13, ...
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Greg Simons

A native flatlander, born and raised in Chicago before living 9 years in Detroit, I moved to Portland in '99. I immediately fell in love ...

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Adonay Solleiro


Hiking & climbing are my religion; the mountains are my church. I love hard hikes... the more challenging, the better. I also love climbing ...

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Larry Solomon

New York City boy out west to enjoy the mountains.

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Tony Spiering

I like the pure enjoyment and simplicity of hiking in our special NW Oregon outdoor environment.

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Bill Stein

I have been leading climbs and outings since 2018, backpacks and snowshoes since 2016, and hikes for adults and families since 2014. A Mazamas member ...

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John Sterbis

My wife and I moved to Portland in 2012 after living in several Midwest cities and we love it here. In addition to climbing, I ...

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James Stevenson

While a lifelong runner, I did not hike until going up St. Helens in 2008. I have been a Mazama member since 2013. I have ...

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Joe Whittington

I joined the Mazamas in 1978 after climbing Mt. Hood for the first time, and I've been a climb leader since 1991. I have been ...

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David Zeps

Retired as of 11 1 2018 geriatrician, love the outdoors. Have been a climb and hike leader, on Executive Council, Climbing committee, Trail Trips committee, ...

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Marilyn Zigler

I am a regular at the Rambles and often lead a slower pace group. Taking time to enjoy my surroundings and companionship of fellow hikers ...

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