The Inca Road system, also known as the Camino Inca, spanned Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Chili, and Argentina and is estimated to have had nearly 25,000 miles of trails.  How did a twenty-six mile stretch of this vast system of trails come to be known as, “The Classic Inca Trail?” It is because this trek ends at Machu Picchu, which is a World Heritage site and bucket list destination for travelers the world over. This four-day, three-night hike crosses passes at 13,800, 13,000, and 12,000 ft., winds through several environments including a cloud forest and alpine tundra, has spectacular views, and passes near and through numerous Incan ruins. Paula Wetzsteon will share her experiences while hiking this trail, some of the history of the area, and offer tips for those interested in going on this remarkable hike.


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