As the Mazamas enter our 125th year, we are working on ways to increase the reach of our mission and work toward achieving our vision of “Everyone enjoying and protecting the mountains.” As part of the Mazamas strategic plan, we will focus our attention on creating comprehensive leader training programs across all of the recreational disciplines that we participate in. Our goal is to create quality leaders of many recreational disciplines to better serve the diverse interests of our members and the greater outdoor community. Before we can begin work on the types of leaders we want to create for the future, we first need to better understand what our participants, members, volunteers, and community value.

The Mazamas invites you to a community input session on October 11 in the Mazama Mountaineering Centers’ Holman Auditorium, from 7–9 p.m. We will build off of the results from the culture and community meetings that helped shape our current strategic plan. Your input will be used to guide the creation of a set of fundamental values for all Mazama education and activity programs in the future.

If you are interested in the future success and sustainability of outdoor education and activities at the Mazamas, please consider attending.

Please RSVP here for the October Meeting



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