Hey everyone, we're brining back AYM Climb Night (yay!!!!!!!!!)!!!<br> <br> Climb Night is open to everyone (Mazama members and non-members), regardless of age or climbing ability. You'll be required to be belayed certified if you plan on rope climbing (please note that most people who who come to climb night have been top roping or lead climbing a couple of times). We'll meet at 6:00pm in the retail entrance area of PG (by the benches!); we'll do a quick round of introductions and pair off belay partners. There will also be the option for some post-climb drinks/food at nearby bar if people are interested (totally optional)! If you cannot meet us at 6:00, just come look for us around the gym (I look like my profile pic AND I have a panda chalk bag!)<br> <br> Parking Tips:<br> --Car parking can be tricky (especially if you're looking for non-metered parking), but it is available!<br> --Bike parking is available in front of the building, as well as on the north side of the building<br> <br> What to Bring:<br> --Money for day pass ($21) or PG membership card.<br> --Harness & climbing shoes. Rentals available for $5. Chalk, for rent $1.<br> --Belay device and rope if lead climbing (must be certified at PG)<br> <br> Hosts:<br> --Heather


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