As a part of the BIPOC (Black, Indigenous and People of Color) community and LGBTQ community, we invite you to un-learn everything you have experience with the climbing culture and be a part of building a community centered around you. So many of us have had negative experiences when climbing. For some of us it has put us in a place to never return or made us long for something which felt like we were truly a part of. Lets create something new, foster an environment of learning and climb! Un-Climb is also about building community. We replace the aggression with support. We replace the elitist attitude with sounds of encouragement. If this is something you desire, please join us for our Un-Climb Nights or Un-Climb Outside events. Wild Diversity seeks to support BIPOC and LGBTQ folks in the outdoors with community and shared experiences. We love our allies but please respect the space we are trying to hold for these communities. Allies may support our activities by sharing it with or purchasing scholarships for BIPOC & LGBTQ folks. Un-Climb Nights are our original climbing events. Partnering with Mazama, we have created a beautiful space of learning and growth. This is an opportunity to try climbing for the first time or just join community in laughter and growth. Location: Mazamas - 527 SE 43rd Ave 

Cost: Sliding Scale $10, NOTAFLOF Those who can pay more please do. What is provided: Harness, shoes and climbing equipment. What You'll Need to Bring: Any personal gear you prefer. Register so we know you are coming ( Donate at the door or pay online.