Spring is here! And with that comes better weather and longer days – a perfect recipe for big objectives and multiday tours. You’ve had your avalanche class and have been out riding in the backcountry this past winter. At some point every April, NWAC shifts out of daily forecast operations leaving the spring traveler without the valuable tool of a daily avalanche forecast.

So, what happens when there’s no avalanche advisory to go off of? Most modern avalanche education uses a regional avalanche forecast as the building block for tour planning and snow stability. Without that daily forecast, it can be unnerving to figure out when and where to go.

This evening’s Going Deep lecture is aimed at equipping people with tools to evaluate conditions leading to good decisions in the backcountry. We’ll focus on how to plan and execute a tour without the help of an NWAC avalanche forecast. You’ll also learn tips and tricks on how to time your tour with the weather along with gaining an understanding what to look for in the spring snowpack, so you don’t get caught in the shed cycle. This class will be taught by NWAC avalanche experts and educators.


  • Ski Mountaineering Subcommittee