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Meetup: Gateway Park & Ride at 06:45

be at the trailhead by 08:00

This is a Tri-Met Park and Ride located behind the Fred Meyers located near NE 102nd and Halsey. We typically meet on the first level.

Return: Estimate 3:30pm return time

Directions to Trailhead from Carpool Location:

From the Park and Ride, head south to Glisan and turn right. Stay in the right lane and get onto I205 North. In a mile, get onto I -84E out to exit 44 (Cascade Locks) and cross the Bridge of the Gods (which requires a $2.00 toll each way) into Washington. Turn right on Route 14 and drive east for 12.7 mi. Watch for the large parking area on the left shortly after passing Wind Mountain.

You will need a NW Forest Pass to park here! ($10 at TH if you don’t already have one)


Hike information:

The hike to the summit of Dog Mountain is a great workout. We’ll start slightly above sea level and work our way to the top for a rewarding view. If the weather cooperates, we'll be able to see Mt. St. Helens and Mt. Hood. A quick jaunt through the trees at the summit takes us to a viewpoint of Mt. Adams. Collectively, Mt. Hood, Mt. Adams, and Mt. St. Helens are known as the Guardian Peaks.

Route description:

Depending upon weather conditions, we'll ascend via the difficult route (known as "The Way of the Samurai" or the longer "scenic" route. At the summit, we'll make our decision to return via the more exposed "scenic" route or the gentler Augspurger Trail, which is protected from the elements by a path through dense tree cover.

We'll start up Trail 147 for 0.7 mi to a junction where we'll have our choice of the "more difficult" trail marked trail to the left or the "scenic" route to the right. These "more difficult" trail meets the "scenic" trail in 1.3 mi and provides a fair amount of shelter from the wind. Taking the "scenic trail" is 0.3 mi longer, but will provide us with better views. At the upper junction, we'll begin to glimpse meadows (if they're not covered by snow) as we continue 0.5 mi to the site of an old fire lookout. During the month of May, these meadows are flooded with yellow Balsam Root; it's definitely worth returning for the beautiful blooms. From the old fire lookout site, we'll head 0.4 mi up the trail to the left to yet another junction. From this junction, we'll hike 0.1 mi east up to the summit of Dog Mountain.

On the descent, we'll return 0.1 mi to the junction and decide upon our return route. If we choose the "scenic" route, we'll return the way we came. If we choose the Augspurger trail, we'll head NW toward Augspurger Mountain. After 0.9 mi, we'll reach the junction with the Augspurger trail on which we'll head SW, lazily following the trail for 2.8 mi to our cars.

Further Information:



When wet, this trail is very muddy and slippery. Bring poles, gaiters and a good sense of humor! Watch the weather carefully and plan your clothing accordingly. Remember, no cotton clothing! We will also try and practice a few of our new rock skills, so please bring your harness (with biners, prusiks, ATC, etc).

How Long:

Plan on 2 hours of driving (round-trip) and 5-6 hours of vigorous hiking.

Hiking Skills Required:

The skills required depend on the snow level. We might run into snow near the top, but most of the hike will be on steep dirt and mud. Bring trekking poles if you have them and plenty of snacks and water to keep your energy level high.

How to make this a great hike:

This is a great hike on which to refine your conditioning for climbing with the Mazamas. Make sure to bring your ten essentials as well as other items you expect to take on an actual climb. For a boost to your training, carry some extra weight in the form of water – filling a couple of recycled milk jugs works well. Each extra gallon of water adds ~8 lbs. to your pack. Once you reach the high point of the hike, you can pour out the extra water to save your knees on the descent.



Gear Checklist

Being packed and ready at the meeting time makes leaders happy!

  • Boots
  • Gaiters
  • Wool or synthetic socks
  • Wind/water resistant jacket
  • Mittens or gloves (and extra pair)
  • thin liner gloves
  • synthetic T-shirt
  • Whistle
  • Navigation (Map & compass)
  • Sun protection (sunscreen, lip balm, sunglasses)
  • headlamp/flashlight
  • Extra food
  • Extra clothing
  • Fire
  • Emergency shelter
  • Repair kit and tools, including knife
  • first aid kit
  • Maps to trailhead
  • photocopy of guidebook route description
  • water bottle or water bladder
  • trekking poles
  • toilet paper & blue bag
  • camera
  • clean and dry clothes for the ride home
  • yummy leader treats (to share with the entire climb party, lets see who can bring the best leader treats)
  • lunch
  • practice rope!
  • harness
  • prusiks, ATC, carabiners
  • sit pad for lunch stop

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We’re sorry to report that registration is now closed for this activity and we are no longer accepting applications. The activity has either reached its maximum capacity or the registration period has ended.
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Have questions about registration or your application status?

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